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What was the surrending confederate general in the civil war?

Robert E. Lee was the General-in-Chief, though he only surrendered his own Army of Northern Virginia. Joseph E. Johnston surrendered quite a sizeable army later in the month.

Is Lewis armistead a confederate or union general?

Confederate General

Was general Robert Anderson Union or Confederate?

ANSWER He was a Union General

Was general Barnard E Bee confederate or union?

He's a Confederate general.

Was Stonewall Jackson a confederate?

he was a confederate general

What is a sentence for confederate?

I saw a confederate general.

Was general pope union or confederate?

He was confederate.

What confederate general has the intals JEB?

ANSWER Confederate General James Ewell Brown Stuart

Who was the Confederate General whose command bore the brunt of the fight at Fredericksburg?

Confederate General Longstreet

Confederate general at chickamauga?

The commander of the Confederate Army at Chickamauga was Lieutenant General Braxton Bragg.

What are Civil War people from a-z?

· Alexander Stephens (Vice President of the Confederate States of America) · Braxton Bragg (Confederate General) · Cadwallader Washburn (Union General) · Davis, Jefferson (Confederate President) · Edward M. Stanton (Union Secretary of War) · Forest, General Nathan Bedford (Confederate General) · General George McClellan (Union General) · Hannibal Hamlin (Lincoln's Vice President during the war) · Jackson, Thomas "Stonewall" (Confederate General) · Kane, Thomas (Union General) · Lee, Robert E. (Confederate General) · Mallory, Stephen R. (Confederate Secretary of the Navy) · Philip Kearny (Union General) · Quantrill, Confederate Captain William · Richard Taylor (Confederate General) · Stuart, James Ewell Brown "Jeb" (Confederate General) · Taliaferro, William B. (Confederate General) · Ulysses S. Grant (Union General) · Van Cleve, Horatio (Union General) · Wadsworth, James S. (Union General) · Zook, Samuel (Union General)

Was general burnside a confederate?

ANSWER No, he was an Union General.

Which confederate general attacked fort Sumter?

P.G.T. BeauregardConfederate general who attacked fort sumter?

How many pages does A Confederate General from Big Sur have?

A Confederate General from Big Sur has 159 pages.

General of the confederate army at Gettysburg?

General lee

Who is the great confederate general?

General Stonewall Jackson

What confederate general approached with in 5 miles of DC but was driven back to Virginia?

The Confederate General was "Jubal Early"

When was A Confederate General from Big Sur created?

A Confederate General from Big Sur was created on 1964-01-22.

When was Edward Higgins - Confederate general - born?

Edward Higgins - Confederate general - was born in 1821.

When in 1865 did Confederate General Kirby Smith surrender his army?

Confederate General Kirby Smith lowered the Confederate flag in the Trans-Mississippi on May 26, 1865.

What are some people from the Civil War that begin with the letter W?

Civil War people who have a name that starts with the letter W:Wadsworth, James S. (Union General)Walker, James A. (Confederate General)Walker, John G. (Confederate General)Walker, Leroy P. (Confederate Secretary of War)Wallace, Lewis (Union General)Walthall, Edward C. (Confederate General)Washburn, Cadwallader (Union General)William S. Rosecrans (Union General)William B. Taliaferro (Confederate General)

Who were famous generals in Confederate army?

General Robert E. Lee was the by far most famous general in the Confederate army.

Who was the confederate general of the battle of petersburg?

General Robert E. Lee was in overall command of the Confederate forces at the battle of Petersburg.

What confederate general captured ft Sumter?

General P.G.T

Who was the confederate major general for the entire war?

General Robert.E.Lee

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