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military s: 25 million civilian s: 30 million estimated amount of money spent: about 1 trillion dollars- which is more money than the costs of all other wars combined


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World War 1 is an example of Total War. Total War is a conflict between two or more countries when all of their military and economic resources are employed to the destruction of the oposing country.

This question is too vague. Please resubmit your question with more specifics about Italy and total war. World War 2 was a total war for Italy.

World War 1 was a total war because the economic and military resources of the countries involved were fully devoted towards it. Ultimately, the Allies spent twice more than the Central Powers.

Italy have won a total of four world cups.

This information comes from Wikipedia under the heading of World War 2**Population**Military Deaths **Civilian Deaths**Jewish deaths**Total DeathsItaly44,394,000**301,400**145,100**8,000**454,500

:) about 4,574,338 died in total

Five. (West) Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England.5 countries in total have won the world cup in total from Europe. These are Germany and Italy with 4 titles each and England France and Spain with 1 title each. In total, Europe has won 11 out of 20 world cups.

About 21,228,000 military personel wounded in total.

The duration of Total Request Live - Italy - is 3600.0 seconds.

Total war is when a country utilises all of its resources (economic, human labour, military) for a war effort. World War II was a total war for most of its participants, including Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, USA and Australia. Notably, Germany did not enter a state of total war until 1943. This was because they expected a short war, based around their Blitzkreig strategy of 'lightning war'.

Military 1,324,000, Civilian 10,000,000 Total 11,324,000

The WWI Japanese military death total was 415.

Italy - 116,305.51 square miles.

The total allied casualties of world war two with civilians and military goes up to 39,963,700 compared to the axis casualties of 48,231,700.

Of the Allied Powers, Russia suffered the most military deaths, with 2,254,369 total. Of the Central Powers, the German Empire suffered the most military deaths, with 2,037,000 total.

Because any and all available weapons were used; including chemical warfare. No. The concept of Total War has nothing to do with the exact methods of fighting. Rather it concerns how the civilian and government institutions are involved in the war. Under the Total War concept, the entire nation's economy and population are mobilized and directed to support the military. That is, the whole country is involved in the war, not just the actual military. Total War is an outgrowth of the Industrial Revolution - as militaries became dependent on massive amounts of manufactured goods, it became necessary to direct the entire output of the nation to support the continued fighting of one's armed services. World War One (a.k.a The Great War) is a prime example of a Total War - the entire economic output of all countries on both sides was taken under government control, and planned to maximize output of military goods to support that country's military. Whole civilian populations were effectively drafted into factories and farms to produce specific goods for use by the military, rather than civilian, sectors. In effect, no economic activity was allowed which did not support the war effort in some manner, and the whole of economic production was tailored to fit military demands.

The total Military Deaths during World War 2 is about 25.45 Million. This is 36% out of the total deaths during World War 2. The rest were civilian deaths.

The smallest military in the world belongs to Antingua and Barbuda with a total of 245 personnel.

$100 million USD or 10 billion lire in 1945

somewhere in the hundred millions most likely. there were around 50 million deaths in world war I

Total number of military/civilian casualties in World War One was approximately/over 37 million

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