What was the treaty of Indian springs?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What was the treaty of Indian springs?
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Who signed the Treaty of Indian Springs and would be killed for it?

Chief Mcintosh

How was the creek chief who signed the Treaty of Indian springs Punished?

he was @ home sleep and the other creeks came in and killed him

Where is the Indian Springs Library in Indian Springs located?

The address of the Indian Springs Library is: 715 Gretta Lane, Indian Springs, 89018 0629

What was the treaty of 1825 with the creek Indians?

That was the Treaty of Indian Springs. Under this treaty, the Creeks in Georgia would be relocated west of the Mississippi River. It was signed on Feb. 12,1825, but not ratified until Mar. 7, 1825. It was nullified in 1826 by the Treaty of Washington.

When was Indian Springs School created?

Indian Springs School was created in 1952.

What is the motto of Indian Springs School?

The motto of Indian Springs School is 'Discere Vivendo,'.

What is the area of Indian Springs Metropark?

The area of Indian Springs Metropark is 8,963,786.975616 square meters.

When was Indian Springs Middle School created?

Indian Springs Middle School was created in 1996.

When was Indian Springs State Park created?

Indian Springs State Park was created in 1825.

How did William McIntosh die?

William McIntosh was creek chief who signed the Treaty of Indian Springs, thought the Creek should sell their land to the government. William McIntosh was murdered by his own people as punishment for signing the unpopular treaty.

What is the difference between a treaty and the Indian Act?

None- The Indian Act is a type of treaty

When was International Indian Treaty Council created?

International Indian Treaty Council was created in 1974.