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There was a Treaty ending WW-1 that was consiered to be humiliation of Germany called the Treaty of Versailles.

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Q: What was the treaty of World War 2 that humiliated Germany?
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What portion of the Treaty of Versailles humiliated Germany and world become one of the causes of World War 2?

All of the Versailles Treaty upset the Germans and devastated their country and economy.

How was the German public affected by the Treaty of Versailles?

First, they humiliated Germany, it contained a war-guilt clause forcing Germany to admit sole responsibility for starting World War 1.

Was re-armament part of Hitler's plan which led to World War 2?

Yes, it was. Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles, as he thought it humiliated Germany.

Was Germany part of the Alied forces in World War 1?

No, they got there butts kicked and their economy ruin by the treaty of Versailles which humiliated them and prompted them to start WWII.

How did the treaty of Versailles saw the seeds of instability in Europe?

The treaty had a weakness. The treaty was focused on punishing Germany for the damaged they caused during the war and humiliated Germany my doing so. The treaty forced Germany to accept all responsibility for the war, their military should be restricted to 100,000 troops and Germany must pay war reparation of $400 in today's money. The following punishments as shown above started the world war 2.

What was a weakness of the agreements made at the conclusion of world war 1?

Germany was humiliated.

What were the end results of WW1?

The end results of the First World War were that Germany was left humiliated and demoralized, German moral was at an all time low, and that Germany was left in debt due to the Versailles Treaty.

What are the reasons for the start of World War 2?

The World War One ending treaty, the Treaty of Versailles, played a major factor in the beginnings of World War Two. The treaty locked Germany into payment for damages during World War One, (war reperations). The treaty also took away land from Germany and humiliated them. This ticked Germany off and the up incoming Adolf Hitler. Germany's nationalism a scense of pride in their country grew and grew as a result of this humiliation. The extreme end of this nationalism was the Nazi party led by Hitler. also someone called george kerridge fecked a chicken

How did World War 1 contribute to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany?

Answer this question… It greatly weakened Germany and made many Germans wish for stronger leadership.

How was Germany's recovery after World War 1 different from its recovery after World War 2?

Answer this question… After World War I, Germany was humiliated and struggled economically; after World War II, Germany was given financial aid and the opportunity to rebuild.

How did the Treaty of Versailles sow the seeds of a future war in europe?

It humiliated the people of Germany, and Hitler was able to use it to kindle his propaganda.

What treaty ended world war 1 and punished Germany for its role in the war?

The Treaty of Versaille ended World War I.

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