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What was the war like on the western front?

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soldiers left the trenches to storm enemy lines, they faced powerful weapons

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What was it like to fight on the eastern battle front in World War I?

Read "Silence on the Western Front" While it is a boo about the western front, it is very similar to the eastern, and the best book out there about war during World War 1.

What was the western front during World War 1?

the "western front" was in France

How long did the war on the western front last for?

The war on the western front lasted for 4 years, from 1914 to 1918.

How was war on the Western front and Eastern front different?

Fighting on the Western Front invovled trench warfare, while on the Eastern Front the war was much more mobile.

When did Western Front - World War I - happen?

Western Front - World War I - happened on 1914-08-04.

How was war on the Eastern Front different from war on the Western Front?

The war on the eastern front was more deadly and between the germans and the russians, millions of people died whiles on the western front, their was not much blood involved

Where was the western front World War 1?

Where was the Western Front in WW1 the western front reached from the English channel all the way to the frontiers of switzerland

World war two in Europe campaign?

The western allies on the western front, and the Soviets on the Russian Front.

What is The Western Front in WW1?

the western front was part of two fronts during world war 1.

Who won the war in the western front?


Why did the war on the western front become a stalemate?

The war on the Western Front became a stalemate because there was no where you could go. If you gained some land, the enemy just gained it back. There was no moves to make; just like a stalemate in chess.

What was the critcial battle front in world war 1?

The Western front

What war was fought with the Germans on the western front?

World Wars I and II were fought against the Germans on the western front. Whereas the Western Front in the First World War was very static (only moving a few miles each way during the course of the whole war, the western front in the Second World War lasted less than a year with the crushing defeat of France

Which front of the war was characterized by a stalemate due to trench warfare?

The Western Front!

What was the critical battle front in World War 1?

the Western Front-novanet

When did the western front happen?

The Western Front Happened In France, Belgium. During World War One.(1914-1918)

Why was Winston Churchill reluctant to open a western front against Germany?

He remembered the slaughter on the Western Front in World War I.

What wars were in World War 1?

The Western front; The Balkan front; The Eastern front; The war against Turkey in Iraq & Palestine & the war in East Africa

Where did they have World War 1?

The war was fought at the eastern and western front. The Eastern front was fought between Germany and Russia The western front was fought against Germany and the allies on the eastern side of France

Who said in all quiet on the western front after all war is war?


Where was the stalemate of World War I?

On the western front, along France's eastern border (it was called the western front because it was on the west of Germany.

Why was there a stalemate on the western front?

There was a stalemate on the Western front in World War I because both sides had similar numbers of weapons and soldiers.

The turning point of the war on the western front was?

In the second World War the decisive turning point on the western front was D-Day. This was when the Allies invaded Nazi occupied France.

What problems did the US face in confronting a two front war in World War 1?

The U.S. did not fight a two front war in WW1. It fought only on the western front.

How did the war on the Western Front turn into a stalemate?

Winter Had Approached

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