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the union wanted to divide the south and cut its resources off.


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the goals were strategy, strength and smart

The strategy was to use total war the strategy to burn everything in their paths.

the flags during the civil war were union and the confederate flagsthe flags during the civil war were union and the confederate flags

Minnesota was a Union State during the Civil War.

during the civil war washington D.c was the capital of the union

About 22 million citizens lived in the Union during the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States, or Union, during the US Civil War.

Kansas remained in the Union during the Civil War.

A Yankee was a union solider during the civil war.

which side was supported by the soviet union during this civil war

Until the end of the war, tactics on both sides remained the same as in Napoleonic times. The union strategy was a blockade strategy at sea and on the rivers, coupled with a total war strategy to destroy the means of producing war supplies on land.

THE Union was the North during the Civil War.The south was the Confederate states

Lincoln was president of the United States during the civil war.

Illinois fought with the Union during the Civil War.

The civil war was fought by the North and the South, both parts of the U.S. Are you talking union or confederate?

During the civil war there were 24 states in the union including the border states. but there was 23 states that remained loyal to the union during the war.

25,000 served in the motha fckin union forces during the civil war

the union opposed the confederacy in the civil war.

The South's military strategy during the Civil War was to be on the defense. The South also felt that if they could win one big victory they could convince the North to abandon the war.

During the course of the US Civil War, the Union, at one time or another had over one million soldiers in the US Civil War.

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