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Q: What was the zulu's economy based on before the the arraivel of the europeans?
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The institution of encomienda allowed the?

Europeans to establish an economy based on capitalism

What was the norths economy based on before the civil war?

Before the civil war the north economy was based on agriculture. It was later based on the industrial revolution after the war.

What problems did Europeans face in using gold and silver coins?

Since the economy was based on gold and silver, the economy could not grow. It was stymied because of the lack of gold and silver...

Most of what you know about the incas before Europeans arrived is based on what they told the french conquistadors?


What did the north have an economy based on before the civil war?

The north had an economy based on Manufacturing this made northerners oppose slavery because slaves could have taken their jobs

What is a Industrial based economy?

an economy based on industry

What is the economy of Khashaat based on?

The economy of Khashaat is based on herding.

What was the Northern economy was based on?

northern economy was based on manufacturing

What is Iowa's economy based on?

Iowa's economy is based on Agriculture.

What is Kenya's developing economy based on?

Kenya's developing economy is based on agriculture and tourism.

What was the economy of french and dutch colonists based on?

The economy of French and Dutch colonist was based on an agricultural economy based on African slavery

Was it the north or south who had an industrial economy?

The north had an industrial based economy. The south had an agricultural based economy.