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Victory II, also known as V-J day, was the day the Japanese surrendered in WWII. V-E day was the day the war ended in Europe. V-J day came later because of Japan's stubbornness in combat. Often, the Japanese would rather commit suicide than by captured. Hope that helps!

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Date of World War I World War 2?

World War 1 1914-1918 ((Allied Victory)) World War 2 1939-1945 ((Allied Victory))

What did the US hope to achieve with the Manhattan Project?

the creation of an atomic weaponAnswer 2:Victory and shortening World War II

Who had victory in World War 2?

All sides had victories and defeats throughout World War 2 but the Allies had the final victory in August 1945

What did the Russians do to win World War 2?

The Russian's didn't win World War II. World War II was won by the Allies as a whole, not one particular country although arguably certain countries such as Great Britain and the US played a key role in the Allies' victory.

What are some world war 2 terms starting with v?

Victory in the Pacific is a WW II term. It is the name given to the day on which WW II ended with the surrender of Japan.

An Axis victory in World War 2 was the?


What was a outcome of World War 2?

Victory for the Allies.

What was the not a consequence of America victory during World War 2?

which of the following was not a direct consequence of america's victory during World War 11

What are 3 big event of World War 2?

Start of the war, victory in Europe and victory over Japan.

WW1 and World War II?

world war 1 and 2

How did they fight in World War II?

how did they fight in the world war 2

Why was World War 2 known as world war?

World War II was known as the Greatest war of All Time. Before World War II, World War I was called The Great War. When everybody realized world war II was greater they changed the names. CAUZ!

In what war was Anne Frank hidding in?

World War 2 World War II.

How many people were killed in World War II?

2 million people were killed in World War II.

What does World War II stand for?

"WWII" is an abbreviation for "World War 2."

Was Ukraine in World War II?

No, Ukraine wasn't in the World war 2.

Did Pearl Harbor get bombed in World War 1 or World War 2?

World War II

What ended American involvement in world war 2?


What is the value of a world war 2 victory medal?


What were victory gardens made of in world war 2?


What war was penicillin used in?

World War II (2)

Who originated the term World War 2?

Easy, WWII stands for World War 2 (II = 2 in Roman Numerals). So it's a small yet easy acronym for World War II

How is World War 2 related to the Holocaust?

World War II isn't related to the Holocaust because the Holocaust was one of the events in World War II.

Who invaded France during World War 2 II?

Germany invaded France during World War II.

When did world war war end?

World War II ended on September 2, 1945.