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What was women's involvement in World War 2?

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At the start of world war two women were conscripted into war work. Alot of women worked in the munition factories others worked in the land army producing crops. W.A.A.F (womens auxiliary air force) which had over 180,000 members in the war.

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What was escalation in World War 2?

Increased involvement in the war

How did womens rights move around the world?

world war 2 gave a turn when womens rights were established

Was the bombing of pearl harbor one of the causes to world war 2?

It was not the start of World War 2, but it was the beginning of the U.S.'s involvement in the war.

When did NZ womens Land Army start in World War 2?

June 1939 go to Woodlands Junior world war 2

What were the reasons behind Australia's involvement in world war 2?

Reasons for Australia's InvolvementAustralia was a colony of Great Britain.

Did womens fought in the world war 2?

yes, in some countries such as Russia...............

How did Americans feel about US involvement in World War 2 after December 7 1941?

Almost every American wanted American involvement in World War Two after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

What involvement did Italy have in World War 2?

Italy was involved greatly in world war 2. that is all i know. good luck finding information on the subject.

What was Hirohito's involvement in World War 2?

Hirohito was the Japenese Emperor during World War 2 and he had control over the Imperial Japense forces at that time.

What does WVS stand for World War 2?

Womens Volunteer Service Corps - Canada

What was Luxembourg's involvement in World War 2?

In May 1940 Germany invaded Luxembourg.

How did the us involvement in World War 2 escolate?


Reasons for US involvement in World War 2?

Self defense (Pearl harbor).

What was Finland's involvement in World War 2?

It was invaded by Germany in the winter wars with the USSR...

What was germanys involvement in world war 2?

Yes, Germany was like my bootyhole.

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