What waste is produced from nuclear power stations?

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nuclear waste

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Q: What waste is produced from nuclear power stations?
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What do nuclear power stations produce very little of that are dangerous?

Nuclear waste.

What type of waste do nuclear power stations produce?

Nuclear waste in the form of spent fuel rods.

Is nuclear waste renewable or nonrenewable?

Nuclear waste arises out of the use of nuclear power, so it will continue to be produced as long as nuclear power is used.

Why is waste from nuclear power stations a problem?

The waste is radioactive and therefore ionising. It can cause cancer and "radioactive poisoning"

What waste products come from power stations?

Radioactive waste is a waste product containing radioactive material. It is usually the product of a nuclear process such as nuclear fission, though industries not directly connected to the nuclear power industry may also produce radioactive waste.

What do nuclear power stations emit?

Waste products we don't know how to (are are not interested in) recycle, and lots of steam.

What are the waste products from nuclear products stations?


How is holding nuclear waste good for the coomunity?

The government and companies will pay states and cities money for using their land for storage of nuclear waste. Nuclear waste can be dangerous, but when stored safely it is no danger. Nuclear waste is produced by nuclear power plants, which produce large amounts of cheap electricity.

Why is nuclear power stations not good?

They are not good because of the pollution rate and the fact that the waste production is very hard to dispose of

What is a alternative to oil resources but it requires careful disposal of the radioactive waste that are produced?


What kind of nuclear waste are produced by nuclear energy?

Radioactive waves

Why is waste from power stations a problem?

Because unlike other sources of energy, Nuclear power is toxic. Runoff and meltdowns can have extremely bad effects on the environment.

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