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Pistols,rifles,bayonets,light and heavy machine guns,tanks,armored cars, and airplanes.

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What is biochemical warfare?

Biochemical Warfare is war using weapons of a biological or chemical nature. such as biotoxins. Anthrax bombs are a good example of bichemical weapons. To use weapons of mass distruction.

Can weapons issued to you by the Air Force be assumed to be legal weapons?

Legal for use in warfare? Yes.

What is the best weapons to use on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

It is M16A4

Why was there nuclear warfare?

There has not been nuclear warfare. There have been two nuclear attacks. Nuclear warfare denotes the use of nuclear weapons by both or all opposing sides. The only use of nuclear weapons in warfare were the two bombings by the US of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and it was the intent of the US to bring WW2 with Japan to a quicker conclusion.

What has the author Julian Perry Robinson written?

Julian Perry Robinson has written: 'Public Health Response to Biological and Chemical Weapons' 'The effects of weapons on ecosystems' -- subject(s): Biological warfare, Chemical warfare, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Biological warfare, Environmental aspects of Chemical warfare, Environmental aspects of Military weapons, Environmental aspects of Nuclear weapons, Environmental aspects of War, Military weapons, Nuclear weapons, War 'The United States binary nerve-gas programme' -- subject(s): Asphyxiating and poisonous Gases, Chemical weapons, Military policy, War use 'Chemical and biological warfare developments, 1985' -- subject(s): Biological warfare, Chemical warfare

Where did Aztec boys learn to fight?

The boys learned how to use weapons and the basic of warfare.

What weapons and tools did the Navajo desert use?

There is a Navajo tribe of Native Americans but no Navajo Desert. Most Navajos live in the Colorado Plateau Desert.

What were the four new weapons introduced during world war 1?

The use of airplanes for survelence and fighting, submarine warfare, machine guns and chemical warfare

What weapons and tools did the Aztec tribe use?

Aztec were known to use atlatls for spear throwing, the bow and arrow, and clubs for warfare.

How did weapons of world war 1 change warfare?

It eliminated the use of many trenches, revolutionized machinery, and kick started the events to come over better weapons.

What is thermonuclear warfare?

Thermonuclear warfare is the use of nuclear weapons in war, either tactically or strategically. Although the term "thermonuclear" technically applies only to the process of fusion, the term is loosely applied to conflict involving fission weapons, fusion weapons, or both (informal synonyms are "atomic war" or "nuclear war").

What was true of the use of chemical warfare?

Weapons such as poison gas were developed as a reaction to the stalemate that occurred throughout most of the war.

What type of weapons did the Australian Army use in World War 1?

They fought with a combination of shrimps and kangaroos. The kangaroos filled out the Australians lacking tanks.

Which was a result of the use of new weapons and methods of warfare during World War 1?

The war was the deadliest in history up to that point

What level can you have two primary weapons on call of duty 4 modern warfare?

When you reach level 38 you wil unlock the Overkill perk. You can use thi perk as your second perk and it allows you to use two primary weapons

What do Australians call Australians?

They are simply called Australians, although some people do use the colloquial term of "Aussies".

What do cobras do to protec them?

use their weapons use their weapons use their weapons

What is the best handgun to use in Modern Warfare 3?

a really great handgun is the desert eagle. i would recommend using that one

What are things that can be considered like Pandora's box?

The discovery , development , use and proliferation of nuclear weapons , the development of bacteriological warfare coming from laboratories ,

How do you unlock the weapons room on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for DS?

Use every weopon once in single player mode

What weapons did they use in medieval warfare?

Medieval weapons which are used during war:CrossbowLongbowMacePole AxeSwordsSpearBill HookLanceWar HammarPikePavisePartisan

Why were chemical weapons effective during the Vietnam war?

Yes, smoke grenades, marking rounds, rockets, and various forms of flame weapons were used in Vietnam (along with CS gas). But officially the US did not deploy chemical warfare in Vietnam. During the Viet era; US doctrine was: 1. Never to deploy biological weapons 2. Use chemical warfare only in self defense (meaning the other nation had to use it first) 3. Reserved the right of first strike with nuclear weapons

How do you gain weapons on modern warfare?

All you have to do is simply level up, i'd reccommend TDM or SnD :) also use the UMP45 to get easy kills :)

What warfare did people use in the Peloponnesian wars?

Land warfare, naval warfare and amphibious warfare.

Did America use poisonous gas in the Vietnam war?

No. During that war it was US doctrine to utilize chemical warfare only for retaliation; the US would not use it first. Biological warfare was not US doctrine. Not to be used. The US reserved the right to "first strike" with nuclear weapons.