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Hamsters don't like cold weather. In extreme cold weather they sometimes go into hibernation. Often people mistake hamsters for being dead when they are actually hibernating. Hamsters go into hibernation for a few days at a time. It is usually when they feel an extreme drop in temprature. I have had 4 hamsters and out of all of them only one went into hibernation. The only thing you can do is make sure the hamster doesn't feel extreme temprature drops. You should just make sure the temprature in the room the hamster lives in never drops too low and keep an eye on your hamster well during the colder months.

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What makes Chinese dwarf hamster get sick?

Hamsters have very similar immune systems to people. They can actually get sick if people in the house are sick. They can also get sick from dirty conditions, stress, or other sick hamsters.

Do hamsters cause adults and children sick in the blood?

this question makes no sense

Can hamsters be sick?

Hamsters can be sick! But it is really unlikely. You will probably know if it is really sick when it dies!

Do hamsters get sick when they are pregnant?

well hamsters can get sick at any time even if there pregnate so yes

Do hamsters get sick in the car?

no they do not~-~

Can you give hamsters syrup?

No it can get them sick

What do you do if your hamsters is sick?

Take it to the veterinarian.

How sick can hamsters get?

brink of death

Can hamsters give a sick?

yes and no

What colour kiwi can hamsters eat?

None, hamsters cannot have kiwi, they will get sick.

Can hamsters eat cereals?

Hamsters can not eat different kinds of cereals its bad for them and can get them sick.

Do hamsters get sick if they're scared?

no not likely

What are Symptoms when hamsters are sick?

Take it to the vet immediately if you think your hamster might be sick

Do hamsters catch human illnesses?

Yes. Hamsters can get human illnesses. It is important when your sick to leave your hamster alone. Hamsters can get sick easily if they're not properly taken care off. If you get worried you should take him to the vet.

Can hamsters drink human milk?

no they can be sick and ill

What color do hamsters teeth turn when they are sick?


Can hot weather kill hamsters?


Why does your hamster make sneezing noises?

it could be sick. hamsters can get sick from a human cold when they bite you.

What weather is it good to take your hamsters outside?

Sunset, in the wild hamsters usually come out at night.

Do dwarf hamsters get sick more easily than normal hamsters?

Not necessarily. It depends on how well your hamster is cared for.

Can hamsters have tortilla chips?

They can, but it might make them sick. Hamsters are small, therefor they need very small food.

What does it mean when hamsters keep scratching and sneezing?

it's sick.

Can hamsters eat soft salted pretzels?

no they would get sick

Can hamsters eat fritos?

No, The hamster would get very sick!

What if your dog ate your hamsters will your dog get sick?

Yes, your dog could get sick. You should talk to a vetrinarian.