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You can find a cheap digital scale on many sites. www.ebay.com, www.Craigslist.com, and www.usps.com are just a few.

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Does WalMart have a Digital Weight Scale for sale?

WalMart does sell digital weight scales for sale at good prices. WalMart has several varieties of digital weight scales for sale. Their "Weight Watchers Digital Weight Tracker Scale" is available for $27.12, and they have several other types available as well--including a "no-slip" digital scale.

What is the function of a digital scale?

It tells you the weight of what you want weighed. Some digital scales have a speaker when they tell you the weight.

What is a healthy weight scale?

An example of a health weight scale would be the Digital Quantum Scale. This scale does not show your weight. It records your weight the first time you step on it, and from then on only shows how much weight you have gained or lost.

Is a digital weight scale as accurate as the old fashioned ones?

An old fashioned dial scale is more accurate than a digital scale. The error rate for digital scale is only 1%, which isn't too bad.

What does a gram weight on a digital scale?

A gram weighs 0.0098 Newtons.

How do you unlock weight watchers digital food scale?

My weight watchers scale has a switch on the back. Just move the switch to the unlocked position.

What is the best brand and model number for a digital weight scale?

Health o Meter HDM560DQ-05 Digital Weight Tracking Scale. It is accurate up to 330 pounds and features a 1.2" LCD Display.

How do you find the weight of silver when weighing jewelry?

once you put the material on the scale, a magical phenomenon happens and the weight will appear on the digital screen of the scale!

What is true about a digital scale that reports a 10 kg weight as weighing 8.975 kg?

The designers of the scale do not know the difference between mass and weight.The scale is very poorly calibrated.

What is the weight of one quarter ounce on digital scale?

Most digital scales will not show a number that low ( I tried 3 )

How do I verify the accuracy of my digital postal scale?

An easy way to verify the accuracy of a digital scale is to weigh a stack of five quarters. The weight of five quarters is 1 ounce.

How can you measure the weight of a single penny using a bathroom scale?

Get on the scale without the penny, take a measurement. Get on the scale with* the penny, take a second measurement. The difference is the weight of the penny. Note - it will be more accurate with a Digital bathroom scale.

How do you recalibrate a weight watcher digital food scale?

Having the same problem with my scale. There is in information regarding this which is a great big negative.

The Benefits of a Digital Weight Scale?

A digital weight scale can greatly improve your understanding of your personal weight. Since they are digital, the readings usually give you a listing of pounds and ounces instead of the general distance between markings on an analog weight scale. Improved Accuracy When you use a digital weight scale, you don’t have to calibrate it before each use. It will remain stable and give accurate readings time after time, no matter what kind of surface it is on. Analog weight scales could be thrown off by humidity or uneven flooring, but digital weight scales rely on a different kind of measuring mechanism and don’t have problems maintaining their functions. It is also easier to read a digital weight scale because the numbers are large and clear. You don’t have to try to guess if the needle of the scale is closer to one number or another. Extra Features A digital weight scale contains computer software that allows it to do far more than just tell you how much you weigh. Even the most affordable digital weight scale will display the previous weight, so you can compare your weight readings daily. Most digital scales also allow you to create more than one user. You can share the scale with one or two other people, and each of you will be able to review your previous weights and track your progress as you lose weight. There are other high tech options available if you are willing to spend a little extra for your scale. Lighter and Easier to Use Many of the traditional analog weight scales are heavy and bulky. They are imprecise and require the perfect conditions to give you accurate readings. Digital weight scales, on the other hand, are very light and portable. The mechanisms inside a digital scale are similar to the mechanisms inside other computerized devices. The plastic and small metal parts make the scales remarkably light. Even though digital weight scales have extra features, they are usually very easy to navigate through. Most of the scales are controlled by tapping them with your foot to go through the menu and find the readings you are most interested in.

What is a digital scale?

A digital scale is a scale that measures mass but the numbers pop up digitally.

Equivalent of 500.0g as a weight for calibration for digital scale?

The equivalent of 500.0g as a weight for calibration for a digital scale is about 500ml of water. Just keep in mind that you must compensate for the tare weight of the beaker.Strictly speaking, the mass of water is 1 g/ml, but only for pure water, and at +4 degrees C.

Where can one purchase a Weight Watchers scale?

A Weight Watches scale can be purchased at many common locations. These locations include Walmart, Amazon, Conair, the Weight Watchers website and Home Depot.

How accurate are digital weight scales?

Digital weight scales have been proven to be very accurate. The way in which they work is by measuring the change in resistivity of the wires that are inside of them when a weight is placed upon them. This technique for measuring weight is very accurate and very precise. If you are looking for a scale with accuracy within .005 of an ounce, then digital is the way to go.

Where can I get a digital weight scale through online which shows me weight in Kilograms?

Any number of online retailers sell scales that measure weight in kilograms. Try (www.buy.com) to start.

Is the double pan balance scale or the digital scale more accurate?

the digital scale is more accurate because its more advanced

How does Digital weight measurement work?

The strength of an electric charge generated is directly influenced by weight. When a person steps on a digital scale, the electric resistance is measured and sent through a microchip which then converts the electric strength into pounds.

What does a digital weighing scale measure?

Anything that any other scale measures. The only difference is in how the scale shows you the weight. An old fashioned, pre-historic 'analog' scale has a pointer that moves over a strip of numbers, and you're forced to figure out what number it's pointing to. This onerous task is eliminated by the 'digital' scale, which prints actual numbers on a screen.

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