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Try Google searches for "ascii art" -Jesse

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โˆ™ 2006-03-30 19:36:16
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Q: What website can you go to for information on how to make a large font in letters?
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What is the font for a website?

A font for a website is simple just what type of letters/characters are displayed for it. Common fonts are Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Courier.

What is a font group?

A font is how text looks. A font group is a group of letters that have the same font.

How can you write cursive letters in facebook?

you need to go to a website that converts the normal font to the one that you want and then paste it.

What is font geometry?

Font geometry are angles, spans and lenghts in which single letters of the font are designed.

What is font in powerpoint?

font means the way you want your letters to look

What font does panera bread use?

It is set of illustrated letters and not a font.

What is a font type?

A font type is the measure of the letters typed on a computer. It also includes the look of the letters and the script type.

What is pertaining to letters in the form of style of letters?

font epistolic

What font size should be used for letters and memos?

Use 10- or 12-point font sizes for most letters and memos

On the PS3 case what font is PS3 written in?

It is unlikely that an entire font would be designed for 3 letters, so those 3 letters were probably just drawn by a computer artist, no font.

What is the font for the Jurassic Park Letters?


What defines appearance and shapes of letters?


Defines apperance and shapes of letters?


What font hospital letters use?


Define appearance and shapes of letters?


Defines appearance and shapes of letters?


What font is JLS logo written in?


What are helvetica letters?

Helvetica is the name of a font

What font is the Call of Duty killfeed?


What might be kept be inside a font?


Cell phones with large font?

Motorola F3 (basic phone with large easy to read font)

How do you change the font on MySpace?

To change your font in myspace you put <font face="font you want goes here"> to change the color of your font you put <font color="the color you want"> to make your letters big you but <big>

What is font size and image size?

Font size is how large text is.Image size is how large an image, or picture, is.

What type of font is cm punks straight edge tattoo?

Old English font in Capital letters

Which letters in the word waist have at least one axis of symmetry?

As written in lower case in this font (as waist), 2: the letters w and iIf written in upper case in this font (as WAIST), 4: the letters W, A, I and T