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2010-02-20 06:26:38 is the site which provide this facility. one can start Accredited High School Diploma Start Anytime. this website and high school diploma course have been so encouraging!


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Nation High School offers accredited diplomas. I got this link from google

Highschooldiplomaonline offers a free service where high school diplomas are made available online for free. There are other sites out there that offer very similar programs.

K12 online school diplomas are only valid when they come from an accredited home school program.

Accredited high school diplomas are considered legitimate and recognized. Online schools are no different from regular schools and they need to get accredited in order to be recognized as legitimate. Winford is an accredited online school, so diplomas issued by them should be considered legitimate and recognized. offers true accredited high school diplomas online. They are very affordable and offer zero interest 'student loans' as low as $40 a month. My husband has his diploma through them and I know several others who have since gone on to college.

If you mean Texas Tech, you need to contact them and ask which, if any, online high school diplomas are acceptable. There are many of them that are not generally accepted by any school or employer.

There are many websites, such as and that offer accredited high school diplomas. These diplomas can be earned by doing course work online rather than in person at a school.

Getting your diploma or GED is a great idea. You can attend an accredited online highschool at .

You can find information about high school diplomas from home on any online school that offers them. It works just like a regular high school diploma except you do the work at home instead of in a school.

There are many accredited high school diploma programs online. Many are offered through local public, private, or charter schools. The site About offers a state-by-state list of free online programs.

I've only found one from one of the online school directories that I usually use. You might be able to find more, but be sure to check the accreditation of the school! This is the most important issue if you choose online degree program/school. Ashworth Career School offers a general high school diploma program.

Online education has grown immensly recently, and now GED's and diplomas are being offered online. The website, has options for everyone seeking education.

There is a great website available called Guide to Online Schools. It offers a list of accredited online colleges that can help you to decide which school is right for you. The following is link to that website,

"Woodlands Online is a community information website for Woodlands, TX. It offers classified ads, school information, and information for tourists visiting the area."

You need to check with the School Board in your State to find it.

The University of Phoenix is the largest online school in the country. You can go to for more information on their programs and courses.

The website Nrich Nath offers free online tutorials on math subjects that range from primary school, all the way up to secondary school for teenagers.

If you are seeking an online GED or Online High School diploma, take our online high school courses or online GED test. ... Excel High School is a private, accredited, online high school serving grades 9-12 and adult high school

Pinnacle Online High School is a fully-accredited online high school that offers a wide variety of unique and engaging online courses for those looking to obtain their high school diploma. Check out their website at

Mowhawk College has some online degrees, as do many universities. Many school boards are now also offering high school credits online as well, which might help.

The Dominican University school of education offers various degrees to be completed online. You will find details of the courses they are offering currently on their website.

Information about online diplomas can be obtained from major online educational institutions. Examples are the University of Phoenix, Walden University, and Ashwood University for college level programs. Secondary diplomas are offered by Sanford High School and Nation High School. Many local school systems also offer online high school instruction, so a person interested in this should check with the local school system.,, are three very good online high school diploma programs. Asking questions will confirm which is best for you.

Have a look at the side for GED... it´s equal to the high school diploma and you don´t need to go to school. GED or high school diplomas are not offered online Any online schools are not accredited and a waste of money

he didn't go to collage so he is dumb and has no diplomas.

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