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well the websites that are like myspace and i use is its awesome fun safe and cool! you can also mention you have your own Club Penguin! club penguin is another virtual world for penguins! i have one! and if you dont want one but want a pengspace instead of a club penguin then just say you dont have one!

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Q: What websites can you go on where you can add a profile similar to MySpace but something less confusing?
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What does it mean on MySpace when it says the profile was updated at a time and date is it when the person was last on MySpace?

Well,no is not when the person was last on myspace, is when you change something on it such as pic,profile or just put something new.

What websites feature MySpace collage layouts?

Websites such as PickATheme, PicMonkey, FindFreeGraphics, MyWackoSpace, and Pimp-My-Profile are all websites that offer Myspace collage layouts. There are many to choose from that are free of charge.

How do you put photobucket images on your MySpace profile?

use the link that says: HTML Code- websites and blogs

How do you write in someones MySpace profile?

If you're trying to write something like in there about me or something, you need to have the password to have the ability to do that.

How can one add comment boxes for a MySpace site?

One can add comment boxes for their MySpace profile by visiting many of the different websites that feature coding snippets for MySpace. One example of such a site is Quackit.

How can you get the song like an emo for your MySpace?

You go to one of the many myspace song websites and add it to your profile probably by going to your settings and putting in the code that goes along with the song.

How do you put non-MySpace themes on your MySpace profile?

This page explains exactly how to add a profile to your myspace:

Can people see you when you visit their Myspace profile or pictures even if you don't have a Myspace profile yourself?

no they cant

How do you make a MySpace background profile with your own pics or which websites?

go to and make one there.

What is MySpace mean?

Myspace, is for your own personal life on a profile, so who you really are is on a profile which you can show to your friends and family if you wanted to. That's why it is called MYspace.

Where is profile views on MySpace?

When you log into myspace under your picture it says profile views. That will tell you how many people have looked at your profile since you started your account.

What is Willa Holland's MySpace profile page?

She no longer has a myspace account.