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Q: What weed did people use in old time to cut poison ivy?
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Can you get rid of the poison ivy plant using a weed whacker?

NO. A weed whacker cant be used to cut poison ivy or sumac. A weed whacker will break cuase you serious injuries.

Can poison ivy grow back after you cut it?

Yes! Poison ivy acts like a weed.

Do people cut up Tylenol and smoke it with weed?


Does cut grass have poison in it?

Cut grass does not usually have poison in it, and there are many grazing animals such as horses and cows and sheep and goats and deer (etc.) which eat grass all the time, and are not poisoned by it.

Can the Beyblade Poison Serpent cut you?

no it cant cut u becuz how can a beyblade cut u wen it ain't even sharp enough and plus the fusion wheel of poison serpant is a bit like dark bulld so if dark bull cant cut u poison serpant cant either

What is the past tense of weed-eat?

weed-ate, or cut with the string trimmer

What is a weed whacker?

A weed whacker is a gardening tool which is designed to quickly and efficiently cut through weeds, shrubs, and overgrowth. You may also hear a weed whacker referred to as a weed eater or a string trimmer.

Do you weed eat or cut the grass first?

it doesnt really matter but if you weed eat properly you can make all the clippings fall on the grass and then cut the grass with very little cleaning left afterwards.

What do emo people do in there past time?


Will weed killer kill you if you got some in a cut?


What are the release dates for Cut Poison Burn - 2010?

Cut Poison Burn - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010 USA: 8 October 2010 (Mill Valley Film Festival)

Do people cut down trees?

All the time.

Why do people cut them selfes?

most of the time its depression...:(

What is the function of a rake?

To gather grass you have cut, or to weed flower beds.

Are the leaves of a weed plant supposed to fall off?

No cut them off

What do cut points represent in relation to biology?

when a guy dna and a girl dna have a sexy time and smoke some weed whilst having sex in the missionary position xoxo

Can a raw cut onion collect bacteria and poison you if eaten?

YES happened to me todya

Will triamcinolone acetonide help a cut heal?

depending on the cut. triamcinolone acetonide is common poison ivy medicine, butalso works well on rashes or unknown bumps. If the cut is small then yes...

Are there any support groups or treatment programs available to help quit smoking weed?

Yes, there are support groups that are available to help quite smoking weed. It starts with just weaning yourself off it so that you can cut back on the weed taking.

What happens when you cut a leaf off a weed plant?

Decline of the plant, growth of another leaf, improvement in the plant, and propagation of another plant are possible outcomes when a leaf is cut off a weed. The consequence for the plant depends upon the function, health, location and size of the severed leaf and of the weed. The consequence for the leaf will be decline into death or, if proper procedure is followed, propagation of another plant.

How much can you sell weed plants for?

in England a baby plant or cut as its called sell from between £5 & £10 depending on strain and quality of cut

What is the video that shows a man eating flies with a fork?

you need to cut down on the weed man

How do make weed out of green tea?

Just cut open the tea bag and smoke it, dude.

If you were in the shower with a daddy long legs and you have a cut could the spider poison you without biting you?

No. They are harmless.

What is cut time in music theory?

Cut time in reference to the time signature is when there are two beats per measure (or bar). Cut time is half of common time (common time "cut" in half).