What weighs more water or acetone?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What weighs more water or acetone?
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Why does acetone have a lower surface tension than water?

water is more polar than acetone

Does caffeine dissolve in acetone?

Caffeine is soluble in water - but not HIGHLY soluble. You can dissolve a lot more caffeine in the same volume of water compared to what will dissolve in an equal volume of acetone. It dissolves better in hot acetone than in cold acetone.

Is acetone a water soluble liquid?

Acetone and water are miscible liquids.

Is acetone thicker than water?

No, acetone is about the same viscosity as water.

What weighs more water or air?


Why did water dried up first than acetone and alcohol?

water has a lower vapor pressure than alcohol or acetone, so it requires more heat energy to cause it to evaporate.

Petrolum and water are mixed which weighs more?

Water is heavier

Does acetone reacts with acetone?

No, because when you add acetone to acetone, all you are doing is adding more of the volume of acetone to acetone. You are just changing the amount of acetone, not anything chemically happening.

Which weighs more water or dirt?


What weighs more bricks or water?

it basicly depends on the quantity: if there is more water and less bricks then the water weighs more if there are more bricks than water then the bricks weigh more if the bricks and water are in equal amount, then if the water is really dense it may weigh more... it varies

Why does acetone dissolve in water?

Acetone will float in water because it has a lower density than water. A few other liquids which will float on water are: ethanol, ether, methylated spirits and olive oil. Some that will sink in water are: chloroform and mercury.

What weighs more a gallon of water or a gallon of gravy?

A gallon of gravy weighs more than a gallon of water, due to the fact it has a higher density.