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Asked by Yasmine Welch
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What went wrong with the Iowa caucus?


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Horace Hill
February 04, 2020 5:54PM

The results of the 2020 Iowa caucus were delayed considerably for the Democratic party. The delay is being largely blamed on reporting and coding problems with the new smartphone app that is being used to collect results.

In the face of harsh criticism for the issue-riddled caucus, Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director Mandy McClure shared the following update late Monday night: “We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results. In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match and ensure that we have confidence and accuracy in the numbers we report. This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results.”

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James Geiser
February 09, 2020 3:37AM

Or maybe you should ask "What went right with the Iowa Caucus?"

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Beverly A Harbach
February 08, 2020 11:39PM

The voting app did not operate as planned. There were many delays.

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February 06, 2020 11:40AM

The smartphone app they were using turned out to have some major coding problems.

Additionally, it was soon found out that they app they were using lacked some basic safeguards.

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Aison Liang
February 06, 2020 3:09AM

Christian Kroll

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Hey Jingli
February 05, 2020 1:14PM

The Iowa caucuses are noteworthy as the first major contest of the United States presidential primary season. Although caucus-goers have been unrepresentative of the nation's overall ethnic demographic, caucuses are still seen by some as a strong indicator of how a presidential candidate will do in later contests.