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What were Anne Hutchinsons beliefs?

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Anne Hutchinson was a devoted student of The Bible which she freely interpreted through the lens of what she referred to as "divine inspiration". She generally adhered to the principles of Puritan orthodoxy except that she had extremely enormously progressive ideas about the equality and rights of women, which was in direct contradiction to both Puritan and established cultural attitudes. She was direct and assertive in proclaiming these beliefs, which caused a clash with the Massachusetts Bay Colony's government, which were accountable to the Church of England (Anglican Church), and with the clergy.

So, it wasn't that she was "against" the Puritans, but rather she opposed the Puritan's idea that women were not equal to men.

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When was Anne Hutchinsons trial?

Anne Hutchinsons was brought to trial in 1637.

What was Anne Hutchinsons family life like?

Anne Hutchinsons father was Francis Hutchinson and her mother was Bridget Dryden.

What was Anne Hutchinson's mother's name?

Francis Marbury Is Anne Hutchinsons Father! Briget Dryden is Anne Hutchinson`s mother

During anne Hutchinsons life America was engaged in what war?

revolutionary war

What are some of Anne Hutchinsons accomplishments?

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What was anne Hutchinsons religion?

ANSWER:Anne Hutchinson was a member of the church of Boston. But, would later begin to follow the Calvinist theology.

What were some of anne Hutchinsons accomplishments?

she was the first women to stand up for religious freedom and made providents,RI.

How did anne Hutchinsons family die?

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Who spoke out about her religious beliefs?

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What was Anne Hutchinson's job?

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Why did anne Hutchinson find Portsmouth?

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Why is Anne Hutchinson famous?

Anne Hutchinson is famous for goin to trial and being a woman, speaking out of terms about the beliefs of the puritan orthodoxy.

What woman was banished from the Massachusetts bay colony for her religious beliefs?

anne hutchinson

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