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Kite fighting

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Q: What were Chinese kites used for?
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Is the kites still use by the chinse today?

Yes,kites are still used by Chinese till this day.

Were Chinese kites used for scaring enemys away?


Kites invented by the?

Kites were invented by the chinese

How do Chinese use kites nowadays?

The materials of the traditional Chinese kites are mainly bamboo and silk. Purely made and painted by hand. Inheriting Chinese traditional crafts of kites, made by folk artisans from all over China. each kite was made with fine-selected material and excellent handicrafts. Each of them has been adjusted by kite experts, so they can fly high and steadily.

Who were kites invented by?


What was the persons name who invented kites?

Kites originated in ancient China after being developed gradually over many years. This was at least 1500 years ago. The names of the Chinese who invented it were according to Chinese tradition the philosophers Mo Zi and Lu Ban.

What ancient people gave us kites?

The Chinese began flying kites.

Where do kites originate from?

The Chinese were the first people to make kites and flying kites is still a very popular passtime in China.

Why did the Chinese make kites?

For administrative purposes.

Where did the kite come from?

The kites came from the Chinese.

What was the first method humans used to investgate flight?

Kites invented by the Chinese were the first devised that humans used to investigate flight.

What was the first machine to fly?

Unpowered, Chinese kites used to punish convicts. Powered, the Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer