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What were Joseph Stalin's parent's names?

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Joseph Stalin's parents were bob marly and sarah

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Who were Stalins parents?

My prostitutes

Joseph stalins buddies?

Your mamma Your mamma

What is avi's parents names?

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What was Joseph stalins cause of death?

Because of his age

What is Stalins whole name?

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

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What was Joseph stalins mother called?

Ekaterina Gheladze Djugashvili

What was the date of Joseph Stalins death?

On 5th March 1953 .

What was Joseph Stalins birth date?

December 12, 1878

What were the names of Joseph Priestly's parents?

Joseph Priestley was born to Jonas and Mary Priestley.

What was Joseph Stalins height and weight?

Joseph Stalin was between 5ft 4-6 inches

What were Joseph Stalin's parents' names?

Josephs parents names wereVissarion Ivanovich Dzhugashvili and Yekaterina Georgieva Geladze

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What was Joseph Stalins name for leader called?

he was because he was a priminister of Russia

What was Joseph Stalins political views?

Stalin was a supporter of communism and socialism.

What job did Joseph stalins father have?

A cobbler, meaning a shoe maker.

What did Joseph stalins main goal for The Soviet Union?

Rapid industrialization.

Who was Joseph Stalins worst enemy?

Two of Joseph Stalin's main enemies were: Leon Trotsky Adolf Hitler