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What were Stalins goals?

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This question can be answered in any number of ways since Josef Stalin had a public leadership role in Russia after the Bolshevik revolution and then later in the Soviet Union. Since he had so many goals, the one that consumed him the most was how to gain and retain his personal power as the dictator of the USSR. This may be considered an over simplification, however, based on the question and the length of time that Stalin was in the public eye is the best single goal he had. To ensure that he would remain unchallenged in his role of dictator, Stalin had thousands of communists executed.

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How did Joseph stalins goals effect the goals of the foreign policy?

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What where stalins goals and what steps did he take to achieve them?

The 5 year plan to make russia a strong economic country

How did Stalins postwar policy goals add to the growing tensions between the US and the US?

Stalin created the Korean War.

What were stalins goals and how did he achieve them?

Stalin's goals were to make the economy better for the Soviet Union. He tried to achieve those goals by creating 5 year plans that would make the Soviet Union stronger and more powerful.

What was Stalins communist policy toward industrialization?

Stalin had two five year plans to increase industrialization and take the USSR out of the dark ages of industry. He did accomplish his goals but he used brutal tactics to accomplish his goals.

Who were Stalins parents?

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What was Stalins hometown?

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What were Stalins economic and social policies?

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What was Joseph stalins cause of death?

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What is Stalins whole name?

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Stalins Soviet Union was not fascist because it was?


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What ways did Stalins terror tactics harm the Soviet Union?

Stalins terror tactics harmes the Soviet Union by not allowing the country to grow politically.He insured no political opposition.

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Stalins role in the cold war?

Leader of the Soviet Union.