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Advantages of the British during the revolution?

they had a strronger army

What were the advantages of the British during the Revolution?

Greater training, an established navy, a larger army.

Advantages of the Americans during the revolution?

Well they did sneak attacks on hard weather and some holidays that the british weren't expecting

What were the British called during the Revolution?

Americans called the British "Red Coats" or "Regulars" during the American Revolution.

Who was the british monarch during the american revolution-?

King George III was the British monarch during the American Revolution.

What advantages did the Colonists have in the Revolution?

The colonists had several advantages during the American Revolution. For one thing, the colonists knew the land far better than the British, and could use this to their tactical advantage. Also, the colonists were fighting on principle, while the British were fighting because they were ordered to.

Who was the british monarche during the American Revolution?

who was the british monarch at the time of the american revolution

What were the brittish military advantages in the american revolution?

The British had several military advantages during the American revolution. This included a large military force and presence, along with more advanced weapons and armaments. The British were also better trained, and had more rations than the colonial militias and forces.

Who were the British leaders in the revolution?

King George III is the British leader during The American Revolution.

Who was on the British side during the French revolution?

The British opposed the French Revolution and were supportive of the restoration of Monarchy.

What was the weaknesses for the British during the American Revolution?

The British had erectile disfunction

Who were the british allies in the revolution war?

During the American Revolution War the British had no allies. The colonies, however, had France as one of its allies during this time.

What were British advantages during the Revolutionary War?

the british advantages were that they had more soldiers and more money to buy supplies

What did the British think of the American Revolution?

The British felt that the American Revolution was a simple conflict that they would not have a problem winning. They felt that they had more advantages than the colonists did.

What were the advantages of the British army during the American Revolution?

The British had a lot of advantages that stacked against the Revolutionary Army. For starters, the British had one of the world's best professional armies. The British also had the most powerful navy in the world, allowing them to blockade American ports to prevent trade. In addition, they knew where the Americans were. Did you know that the Revolutionary Army had some advantages over the British that were better than ANY British advantage?

What were those who supported the British cause during the American Revolution called?

Those who supported the British cause during the American Revolution were commonly referred to as loyalists.

What advantages did the British have as the war began?

The British had an advantage as the American Revolution began because they had trained and experienced troops.

What advantages did the british soldiers have during the American revolution?

The british army had a large number of experienced soldiers. They never had to worry about supplies. The army also hired mercenaries. They were able to recruit Loyalist soldiers

Who were the British leaders in the American Revolution?

There were many British leaders during the American Revolution, but the main leader was the British king - King George III.

Who had control of New York during the Revolution?

The British.

Who helped the British during the American Revolution?


British spy hanged during the Revolution?


British Prime Minister during the Revolution?


Who was the government during the American Revolution?

it was the british government

What nationality were the Loyalists during the American Revolution?

They were the british.

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