What were all the Mayan gods?


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The Mayan believed all things to be linked with the divine. The Mayan creator God was known as Hunab Ku. death and Destruction were represented by the Old Woman Goddess and Xbalanque (also representing Venus and the Jaguar), and Hunapu, the Hero Twins were associated with the stars, the Sun and life. It was believed that the Hero Twins entered Xibala, the Underworld, outsmarted the death Gods and were reborn as the Sun and Venus.

The more important Maya Deities were Kinich Ahau, a Sun God, Ah Chicum Ek, a North Star God, Chac, a rain God, Itzamna, the reptile God, and Yum Cimil, a death God to name a few. All in all, the Mayan Pantheon consisted of thirteen Upper World Gods and nine Underworld Gods.


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