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  • stellar black holes were stars (these are large)
  • primordial black holes were pieces of the big bang (these are microscopic)
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How did Dr. Stephen Hawking discover black holes?

He did not. He made some theoretical discoveries about how black holes would probably behave; but the concept of black holes was discovered by others before him.

Did black holes exist in 1999?

Black holes did exist in 1999, and long before that. While black holes cannot be observed directly, they have been hinted at having existed by Einstein. The first real recording of the side effects of a Black hole was in 1971.

Is black holes bigger than galaxies?

Well, there are two kinds of black holes. The normal black holes and the supermassive black holes. The supermassive black holes are a billion times bigger then our sun, while normal black holes are the same size as the Earth.

What are the different kinds of black holes?

There is only 1 type of black holes called black holes.

Why are black hole?

Black holes aren't holes, but attract objects just like holes.Black holes are in the middle of most galaxies.Black holes start by supernovas, which are giant explosians.

What are some examples of stars that have already turned into black holes?

Cygnus X-1; Sagittarius A* Actually, any observed black hole can be assumed to have been a star at some moment; although in the case of the supermassive black holes, it is not quite clear how they formed.

The names of the black holes?

do you mean like stellar black hole,miniature black holes, and super nova black holes.

Is the universe made of black holes?

No. It certainly has black holes, but it has other things as well.No. It certainly has black holes, but it has other things as well.No. It certainly has black holes, but it has other things as well.No. It certainly has black holes, but it has other things as well.

How do you use black holes?

You Dont USE Black Holes

Can black holes dies?

Black holes do not die but they can evaporate.

How did black holes get its name?

They got the name Black Holes because they suck in light. That's why they are called Black Holes.

Why are black holes round?

Black holes are round because they are formed from dead stars and white holes. As you can guess a star is a sphere and that is why black holes are round.

How is Steven Hawking involved in black holes?

Steven Hawkings is the man that is credited with discovering black holes, even though Einstien predicted that they could appear 50 years before.

Why all dead big stars do not form black holes?

All dead big stars do not form black holes because sometimes the collapse of the star is stopped at a smaller size before it becomes a black hole.

Are black holes time portals?

it is theorized that it is possible for black holes to act as worm holes but most scientists believe their gravitational pull is simply too powerful for anything to survive being ripped to pieces before it goes anywhere.

Why are black holes a mystery?

Black holes are a mystery because nothing can escape a black hole. Not even light can escape its gravitational pull. Nobody knows what is inside a black hole because humans can not get that close. We will get crushed far before we get inside the black hole.

Can black holes destroy quasars?

No, black holes make quasars.

How do black holes get into your solar system?

There are no black holes in our solar system

What are the stars called when they become black holes?

They are called "black holes".

Are black holes terrestrial or gas planets or something else?

Black holes are black holes - they are totally different from anything else in the universe. Most black holes are formed from the collapsed cores of dead stars. There are supermassive black holes in most galaxies, but it is no known how they formed.

Why was the bubonic plague called 'black death'?

Because people's faces turned black before they died.

Are black holes moving?

Yes black holes are moving but they have no sense of direction..

WhAT feature is found with Kerr black holes but not schwarzschild black holes?


Are black holes in the milkyway?

There are black holes both in the Milky Way and outside of it.

After whom are non-rotating black holes named?

Schwarzschild black holes. Named after the scientist who proved mathematically black holes can exist.

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