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I lived in Manchukuo during WWII and evacuated to Japan about one year after the war (1939-1946). I came back to the States in 1948, received PhD in biochemstry, and enjoyed a fruitful life doing research in life science. I revisited the cities I lived in last summer (2007). I was impressed by high-rises every where I went. By the time my family went to Manchukuo, the whole country was under the control of the Japanese military and Southern Manchurian Railroad Company. People lived in peace until the Russian invasion (August 8, 1945) a few days prior to the end of the war (August 15, 1945). I lived in Qiqihar in northern Manchukuo at the end of the war; I was in sixth grade. Our next door neighbor came from Japan one day prior to the Russian invasion; they were refugees from Japan. Russians did not come for at least a week after the war. They were uneducated and rude, and came to our house taking away all the mechanical and electric goods. Electricity and water were shut off; they carried off electric generators and water pumps. Japanese young women dressed in men's cloth to minimize being raped. When they carried off everything that could be move, they left (early spring, 1946). Then the Nationalist Chinese came, but soon the Communists drove them out. When we evacuated, they were still fighting about a midpoint between Chungchun and Shenyang. We had to walk the battle line between the two forces. It took my family (my parents and 4 children) about 40 days to get back to Japan.

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Q: What were conditions like in Manchuria aka Manchuko for the Japanese settlers during the Russian invasion across the Amur River?
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When did Japanese invasion of Manchuria happen?

Japanese invasion of Manchuria happened on 1931-09-19.

Who lead the Japanese invasion of Manchuria?

Shigeru Honjo .

How long did the Japanese invasion of Manchuria last?

about 3 years

What suspended China's Civil War?

Japanese invasion of Manchuria

Where did the Japanese invasion of Manchuria happen?

Manchuria, also known as Mukden, vicinity of the Japanese railroad station that was destroyed, sparking the incident in 1931.

Who was attacked by Japan in 1931?

Japan attacked Manchuria in 1931 and subsequently setup a puppet state, Manchuko. Manchuria is the Chinese area bordering on Russia and its invasion caused China to seek a remedy from the League of Nations. The League censored Japan, and the Japanese delegation walked out of the meeting, leaving Japan isolated from the rest of the world.

What impact did the Japanese invasion have upon Japan and its people?

the leaders were very angre with the invasion of manchuria!

Who was responsible for the Japanese invasion of Manchuria?

The Japanese military . . . Manchuria was used as an area to store tanks, soldiers, food, fuel, ammunition, and so forth.

What was the invasion to manchuria?

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 and The USSR invaded Manchuria in 1945 to stop the Japanese and try to end World War 2.

How did japan begin its expansion in world war 2?

The Japanese invasion of Manchuria .

What role did the US play after the Japanese invasion of manchuria?

novanet---- the unites states did not approve of japan's invasion but they did not interfere

What event caused world war 2 to begin in the pacific?

The Japanese invasion of Manchuria.

When did Soviet invasion of Manchuria happen?

Soviet invasion of Manchuria happened in 1945.

When did Russian invasion of Manchuria happen?

Russian invasion of Manchuria happened in 1900.

Who among Japanese was responsible for conquest of manchuria?

The difference from Germanys invasion and take over is that Japan announced that Manchuria was now the independent state of Manchurian, under Japanese protection. In fact Manchurian was a puppet state.

How did secretary of state Henry stimson respond to Japan's invasion in manchuria in 1931?

He refused to recognize japanese territorial gains

How did the Japanese take over Manchuria?

Full invasion. They just took everything over by force, with the warlord in Manchuria afraid of starting a war, and predicting the Japanese only wanted more "benefits" not complete annexation, he ordered his troops not to resist.

Did Japan's military launch an invasion on Manchuria?

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 .

Did Adolf Hitler take Manchuria?

This question confuses Hitler, who was Chancellor of Germany, with Hideki Tojo, Premier of Japan, who launched the invasion of Manchuria in 1931 as part of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

What events unleashed World War 2?

The Japanese incursion into Manchuria in 1937, the German Invasion of Poland in 1939, the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

What country was invaded by japan in 1931?

In 1931, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria by Japan's Kwantung Army folloed right after the Mukden Incident.

How did world 2 start?

When the Germans began the invasion of Poland in 1939. but, it is often debated because the Japanese were holding a campain in manchuria.

What was the Manchukuo government?

In 1931 Japan invaded Manchuria. To cover up their invasion, the Japanese imposed a new "puppet" government (a government controlled by them) that was meant to approve their presence in Manchuria. The name of Manchuria changed to Manchukuo and therefore so did the name of the government. The League of Nations sent a commission to investigate whether or not the Manchurians really wanted the Japanese there called the Lytton Commission. They determined that, in fact, the Japanese were not welcome in Manchuria. This basically eventually lead to the Japanese withdrawing from the League of Nations.

What incident that cause world war 2 end?

The invasion of Russians into Manchuria against the Japanese and the dropping of the two Atomic Bombs finally brought the Japanese to their knees, to surrender.

When did the Japanese take over Manchuria province?

Prior to the outbreak of World War II, Imperial Japan completed their seizure of the Chinese province of Manchuria in early 1932. The occupation-invasion began in September of 1931 through an incident staged by Japanese military personnel.