What were conditions like in boarding houses?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: What were conditions like in boarding houses?
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Where are some boarding houses in Portland Oregon?

There are several boarding houses in the Portland, Oregon area. The Yellow Pages provide eight listings of boarding houses in Portland. The Yellow Pages provides contact information for all of these houses on their website.

How many Mill Girls lived together in one of the Lowell boarding houses?

Up to 20 girls were living in the Lowell boarding houses......

Where did the Lowell girls live?

boarding houses near the mills

Do English boarding schools have houses like the Harry Potter series?

Probably yes, although most normal schools do as well!

What were tenaments?

Low income apartment houses, like ghetto houses, or projects.

What were boarding houses like in the 1930s?

At the turn of the century, boarding houses in Africa were crowded and often, dirty. Residents had to share bedrooms and bathrooms with strangers and although they had the same purpose, hotels and boarding houses were not the same thing.

Which two boarding houses at repton UK are existed but now do not?


Were boarding houses ever called wards in the 1900?

NO they were never called that.

Does Justin like skate boarding?

if you like skate boarding he gay

Did the Lowell girls get to live with their families?

No, they lived in boarding houses close to the factories.

What are some boarding houses in Houston?

There are some boarding houses located in and around the central area of Houston. Some of these located within a few miles of parks and golf courses such as Hidalgo, Eastwood and Mason Parks and Gus Wortham Golf Course.

Why students need a boarding houses?

for me, students need to stay in boarding house for theme to do their studies well, and also for the students who live in a far place they should stay in a boarding house so that they can go to school early.. Alex Lamayan jr.