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the triple entante between France Britain and Italy.the Austrian invasion of the balkan states and the assasination of archduke Franz Ferdinand. Austria and Germany were allies but Germany didn't want to start a war. Russia said they would attack Germany if they helped Austria in the balkan states.when Ferdinand was killed it gave Germany an excuse to cause war, and the Zimmerman telegram made the U.S. angry. So They joined the war to stop Germany from invading.

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Q: What were contributing factors to World War 1?
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Whose greed started World War 1?

The Rothschild's.ANS 2 - Frankly that's a very biased and facile opinion. There were MANY causes and contributing factors to this war and placing blame on one family is ridiculous.

Which of the following was an important factor contributing to the start of World War 1?

Please be more specific.

How was imperialism a contributing cause of World War 1?

Because they were competing for markets and econimc stabalization in Africa.

What factors pushed America into the Great War?

because world war 1

What were the factors that led to world war 1?

There were several factors which led to World War I. A few of those factors were that European countries were fighting for colonization of territories abroad, and militarism.

Why did people want to join World War 1?

People wanted to gain power through war. They felt that by contributing to the war, they will win and receive some sort of a benefit.

What happened to allied wounded in World War 1?

In ww1, soldiers were treated as best as they could be. If they were too injured to continue contributing in the war, then they were sent home.

Why were the two crisis imortant factors world war 1?


Which are factors of World War 1?

The Moroccan crisis and the Bosnian crisis

What factors led to the US entering world war 1?

they guns

What factors cause World War 1?

Your mom being fat.

What factors led America in a conservative direction after World War 1?

Post-War labor disputes

What factors brought the us into the world war 1?

I really don't know

What factors promted the US to enter World War 1?

because there cool

What are Causes of World War 2 in the results of World War 1?

A lot of factors but mainly nationalism, the versaille treaty and the great depression.

Places lost by Germany after World War 1?

Alsace Lorraine was one of the areas Germany had lost after WWI. They had acquired it after the defeat of the French in the Franco/Prussian war of 1870-71. The loss of this territory severely inflamed France's hatred for Prussia/Germany and was likely one of many contributing factors to the start of the Great War.

What are some factors that led to the rise of nazism after World War 1?

The treaty of Versailles

What factors combined to draw the world and ultimately the us into world war 1?

Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism.

How did the zimmerman note and lusitania led to world war 1?

They did not lead to war; they were part of the war. They were, however, factors in the United States' decision to enter the war.

How many died in the axis in World War I?

millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1 millions died in world war 1

What events and factors led to world war 1?

someone shot an ostrich because they were hungry

What were the major factors that led to the outbreak of world war 1?

militarism alliances imperialism nationalism

What economic factors after World War 1 impacted the beginning World War 2?

The Treaty of Versailles demanded that Germany repay reparations for WW 1; hyperinflation led to Hitler's rise

The factors that caused European nations to become involved in world war 1?

There was political, territorial and economic conflicts which caused the war,

What are the Differences of World War I and war 2?

world war 1 world war 2 - 1 1 is the answer