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the south wanted to keep the slaves but the north didn't.

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Disagreements between north and south.Including:slavery

the north wanted to restrict slavery and the south wanted to keep it as it was

They were fighting because they made many disagreements between the north and south.

in 1701 South Carolina broke away from North Carolina because of an argument between the proprietors and also there were sevral cultural disagreements

Other way round. Disagreements between the Northern and Southern sections of the USA had been threatening secession and war for many years. Only a series of compromises had prevented this.

Sharper disagreements between North and South, erupting in Civil War, whose chief consequence was the abolition of slavery.

The northern and southern states had two major disagreements at the convention. The North disagreed with the use of slaves, and the South disagreed how people were elected to office.

The American Civil War came about because of continued disagreements between the North and the South on the issue of slavery. -- and state's rights.

It was in Congress, after the Mexican war, trying to replace the successful Missouri Compromise of 1820, which had managed to avert war between North and South for 30 years.

slavery is one, because the north didnt like the south having slaves, and the south liked having slaves... does that answer your question? at least partially?

Other way round. It was the disagreements between North and South that provoked the Civil War. The Compromise of 1850 was an attempt to keep the peace, but in order to get California admitted as a free state, Congress had to make concessions to the South, including the controversial Fugitive Slave Act, which allowed the employment of official slave-catchers to hunt down runaways. This raised the temperature of the whole debate.

Well, the South and North had disagreements about it. Before they had a balance between free and slave states. If CA would be a free state then it will upset the balance and in a way threaten the South.

It depends: north or south relative to what? It is in the southern part of the United States, but it is north of the Mexican border.

It widened the gap even further between the industrial north and the agrarian south.

Oh Oh! I know this. let me just think about it for a sec. Ill get back to you on that:)

The fate of the vast new territories in the West - slave or free soil?

The Isthmus of Panama. One could also answer: Between North And South America are situated Central America and the Caribbean. Some consider Nort America only from the Mexican border to the north. Others include most of the Caribbean islands. And others include Mexico.

the north and the south during what time ?

North was Union, and South was Confederates.

There is no sea between North and South Korea. The border between the two is on land.

the major economical difference between the north and the south is the north was based on manufacturing while south was agriculutural

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