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Europeans main motives for voyages of exploration occurred during the Renaissance Era and included building of empires, diffusion of Christianity, ever-increasing opportunities fort trade and new markets, greater power than before, and material good and riches that included gold, spices, silver and slaves.

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What were the European's motives for making voyages of exploration?

European motives for voyages of exploration occurred during the Renaissance Era and included building of empires, diffusion of Christianity, ever-increasing opportunities for trade & new markets, greater power than before, and material goods & riches that included gold, spices, silver, and slaves.

Why did Spain and Portugal start making voyages of exploration?

They hoped to establish sea routes to the Indies to make profits from trade.

What were the motives behind the European explorations of the New World?

There were as many motives for exploration as there were people, but the primary reason for exploration was wealth and power. Natural resources they could either sell or exploit to make money. Things such as gold, exotic foods and spices, and trade goods. Another reason is just pure curiosity; humans have the urge to explore the unknown. Yet another is colonization, making a fresh start in a new, hopefully fertile land.

How did the Europeans live?

they lived by making friends and learnig

What role did portugal play in the age of exploration?

ship making and many others

Which ocean is characterized by extreme winds and storms making exploration minimal?


Why did the Europeans conquer the aboriginals and not vice-versa?

Because the Europeans brought disease among the Aboriginals and their numbers were declining. Also the Europeans kept on coming across the Atlantic Ocean with more and more Europeans making their numbers grow.

What was the relations between the Europeans and the Caribs in the Caribbean area in the seventeenth century?

the caribs trusted the europeans but their trust was betrayed when the europeans il-treated and en-slaved them while making them pay taxes

Who was credited with making the best maps used in early exploration?

prince herny the first

Motives of US to dropped the atomic bomb in japan?

The motives of the USA in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan were to shorten the war and to reduce the number of allied casualties if an invasion of Japan was necessary by making it impossible for Japan to continue fighting.

Why did Europeans come to the Pacific Ocean?

All exploration is based on economics. People routinely went off searching for other lands which might yield goods they could sell. We still do this, though we now seek more varied ways of making money from other countries and regions.

Did the europeans take advantage of the Natives during the treaty-making process?


What is a space revolution?

Space revolution defines the current rebirth of orbital exploration in science. Besides the regular players in space exploration, private companies are making a business out of space travel.

What were some challenges and difficulties from Marco polo's exploration?

There were a few challenges and difficulties for the Marco polo exploration. The challenges are keeping up the money and power. The difficulties are making budgets and sticking to them.

Why was exploration important?

Exploration was important because they explored to claim land or in other words to expand. They knew there were more lands out there but they needed to find it. Another purpose of exploring was for map making.

What is carl friedrich gauss was famous for?

Karl friedrigh gauss is knon for making many math exploration

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the fur trade for Indians and Europeans?

One of the advantages of the fur trade for Indians was that the Europeans supplied them with rifles. Fur was in high demand in Europe so Europeans were making a lot of profit. A disadvantage of the fur trade for the Europeans was that they had a lot of conflict with each other. A disadvantage for the Indians was that the Europeans took control over the fur trade.

How did Europeans justify taking people from Africa and making them slaves?

it was a chance for the slaves to become catholics.

Which animal did Europeans most want from Native American traders for making hats?

Beaver Beaver fur was prized by Europeans because it made an especially firm, smooth felt for hats.

How did caravel affect overseas exploration in the 1400?

The caravel, a small highly mobile ship, was the main vessel used in sea exploration. It was hardy, very seaworthy and had a number of different sails making it highly manueverable

How did map making start?

Europeans created maps first so they will know where they are going when they were exploring North America.

What ideas inspired europeans to colonize Africa?

Ideas of making money from minerals, agricultural products and free land.

What factors effect decision making discuss how an effective decision making could have an impact on organization success. the process needs to be evaluated and shows how it relates to the success?

If your motives and intent are pure, trust God and make your move.

What early people imagined about the face of the moon?

The Japanese thought it was a rabbit making rice cakes . Some Europeans thought it looked like a womam's face, other Europeans thought it looked like crab.

Stages of counselling?

There are three stages of counseling. They include exploration, finding new perspectives on problems, and making goals to taking action.