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it is important in American history because Russia had shot down the us spy polane


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Economic power is and was important in every period of history

can someone please give me a straight answer of two examples of economic & geographic events in american history

It was one of the most important trading centers in American history

Because if there was no American Revolution there would be no America, and therefor no American History.

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He wrote about the American Revolution and many other stories in American history.

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T.L.O v. New Jersey is the most important court case in American History.

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The American Revolution was important to early American History because that is the war we gained our independence from Britian! then we started our own country after becoming free.

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The most important event in American history that starts with the letter O is probably the Olympics.

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It is important to learn about Asian American because it all started it is diffrent races. Without diffrent races there wouldn't be what is so called the "world". Asian are important in American history because of he great role they play in our history today and back then. Just like Mexican American, African America, Native American, and well American.

This war was imortant to American history because it was the first war they ever lost.

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The Dust Bowl was important to American History, because it provided a path to a new beginning.

he was the first African American boxer>

Barack Obama is important in black history because he is the first African American president

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People were fighting for political, economic, and social freedom in early American history.

Before WW2 America was an economic power but not a military one, when America got engaged they buffed up their military A LOT, by the end of the war America lead an economic and military power, they became the arsenel of democracy

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see was important because she was a good citizen.

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