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What were minutemen in the north American colonies?


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Minute Men were the militia of the colonies, or villagers who could be ready to fight within minutes. Hence the name, minute men.

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minutemen didn't lead to the revolution, salutary neglect of the colonies did, the minutemen won the revolutionary war for the USA among other factors.

Colonial minutemen and British troops clash at Lexington

The minutemen weren't formed until during the American Revolution.

The statutes governing slavery in the North American colonies originated in Barbados

The basis of the economy and settlement in the north american colonies of France and England were

Minutemen were patriots who could be ready to fight at a minutes notice.

That even though the militia of the American colonies were just Minutemen, they could fight a revolutionary war against Britain.

I think you are referring to the Civil War in which the north won. In the American Revolution the sides were the colonies and Britain. The colonies won in that war.

Major challenges in the early North American colonies consisted of fighting diseases and producing food.

The New England Colonies werethe hub of American shipping trade.

They fought in the colonies against the British in the revolution.

Yes the American minutemen did force the British to retreat from Concord, Mass.

The thirteen British-American colonies were part of the North American continent. They were never considered to be a separate continent.

Brenton Halliburton has written: 'Observations upon the importance of the North American colonies to Great Britain' -- subject(s): Colonies 'Observations on the importance of the North American colonies to Great Britain' -- subject(s): Colonies

The minutemen were American colonists who were formed for the cause of fighting in the Revolutionary War. The Americans sided with them.

minutemen stored guns and ammunition.

they are the soldiers that get armed for any fight at minutes notice

Minutemenwere members of teams of select men from the American colonial partisan militia during the American revolutionary war. They provided a highly mobile, rapidly deployed force that allowed the colonies to respond immediately to war threats.The minutemen were among the first people to fight in the American Revolution. Their teams constituted about a quarter of the entire militia. Generally younger and more mobile, they served as part of a network for early response.

Because of their Goods In North America.

No Asian, South American, North American, or Oceanic nation had African Colonies. Countries such as Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, or Luxembourg didn't have colonies.

Since the question was ask in the American History FAQ, here is the answer. Minutemen is a name given to members of the militia of the American Colonies, who vowed to be ready for battle in a minute's notice. The term minutemen has also been applied to various later United States' military units to recall the success and patriotism of the originals.

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