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Scribes, Bible scholars, scriptorium workers.

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Q: What were priests that specialized in writing called?
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What was the term given to a person who specialized in writing in sumer?

people who specialized in Writing were called scribes.

What is a priest called that specialized in writing?

Such a person is called a scribe.

What was a Sumerian writer called?

Sumerian writing is the oldest full-fledged writing that archaeologists have discovered. The ones that wrote official were the priests. Priests had become skilled as scribes.

What are Taoist Priests called?

Taoist priests are called Taoshi.

System of writing developed by priests?


What is the indirect object in Priests living at the castle taught rich children reading and writing?

The indirect object of the sentence is children (The priests taught reading and writing to children.)

What do you call priests who cast out demons?

A:Priests who claim to cast out demons are called exorcists. Not all so-called exorcists are priests.

What are Hindu priests called?

Hindu priests and religious scholars are called Brahmins or Pujaari

Who was in charge of writing hieroglyphs in Egypt?

Hieroglyphic writing was only done by priests, royalty, and scribes.

Who specialized in writing comedies and is the playwright for Lysistrata?


The people who specialized in writing in Sumerian society were called what?

We would call them "scribes". They called themselves dub-sar (literally, "tablet-writer").

Do Sikhs have Priests?

Yes Sikhs do have priests in their gurdwara. the are called PATHIES

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Specialized structures within a cell are called organelles.

Eukaryotes have specialized parts that perform specific functions what are these specialized parts called?

They are called organelles.

Where did priests sleep?

Priests slept in small houses called rectories, or in monasteries.

What are the priests called in Finland?

Priest in Finnish is "pappi", priests in Finnish is "papit".

What is a place were priests learn to be priests called?

A place where men are trained to become priests is called a "seminary". To go to the seminary, a man must be sponsored by a Diocese or a religious order.

The myocardium is composed of a specialized muscle tissue called?

Specialized Cardiac Muscle... =^) Specialized Cardiac Muscle... =^)

What are Shakespeare's skills?

Shakespeare was clearly an amazing writing, but he specialized in playwriting.

What do you call the leaders and priests in Hindu religion?

The Priests are called Sadhus (Saints) or poojari. Meanwhile Leaders are called baba.

What is a college for priests called?

it is called a college seminary.

Is there an order of priests called Salvadoran?

No, they are probably just referring to priests in El Salvador.

What were Islamic priests called?


What is priests assistant called?


What is a priests attire called?