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What is the main argument against healthy eating?

As far as I am aware, there is no logical, coherent argument against healthy eating.

How can you use argument in a better way?

The word argument typically means a disagreement. However, an argument can also be a statement for or against an action. "The mayor made a strong argument against raising the sales tax."

The argument against heredity determine personality?

you get some of your personality from your parents. as you get older, you become more unique.

What is the verb for argument?

The verb of argument is argue. As in "to argue with somebody" or "to argue against something".

What is the primary argument against increasing cybersecurity-?

The primary argument against increasing cyber-security is that it violates privacy, and cripples government operations.

What is a antonym for sharecropping?

There is no antonym for sharecropping as far as I know.

What is an argument against trade restrictions?


What was an argument against immigrantion?

That immigrants were evil

The major argument against the adoption of the constitution was that it?

The adoption of the constitution in the United States pretty much guaranteed a war with England. This was the main argument against it.

What was Madison and Jefferson's main argument against a national bank?

the argument was that they hated each other

What are the main features of a balanced argument?

Write about both sides of an argument (eg. For and against) equally

What are some arguments against euthanasia?

This question asks for points of argument. The particular spiritual doctrine to which you adhere is not relevant.

How do you use sharecropping in a sentence?

The families lived on sharecropping land

What was an argument made by progressives against child labor?

One argument made by progressives against child labor was that it hurt society for children not to attend school.

A major argument against ratification of the constitution was the absence of?

The major argument was the absence of a bill of rights in the Constitution

Who did sharecropping affect?

sharecropping affected African Americans and poor whites.

Use the word sharecropping in a sentence?

Cesar had done sharecropping with his neighbor's.

What is an argument against immigrants?

They take jobs from natives

What was an argument used against immigration?

that immigrants were evil.

What type of argument is It might be true that society as a whole would benefit by having some group discriminated against?


Is there an argument against the theory of evolution?

The argument against the theory of evolution is Creation ex-nihilo ['out of nothing'] by God, sometimes called the Intelligent Design, or ID, theory. = =

What happened when sharecropping ended?

Actually, it hasn't. It is still going on in some places.

What was the main argument used by Antifederalists against the Constitution?

The main argument used by Antifederalists against the Constitution was that the Constitution would take away the rights that were won in the American Revolution.

When did sharecropping start?

sharecropping started in the 1960's- 1970 just because

What is the argument against affirmative action?

policies that give preference to minorities discriminate against nonminorities