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Their capital city Tenochtitlan present day Mexico City, was the biggest city in the world back then. They had an accurate calendar, hospitals, advanced medicine and surgery.

They also had temples and pyramids, advanced agriculture and a huge empire that had millions of people. They also invented an ancient ball game similar to Basketball and, Astronomy, math, and writing.

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Aztec building achievements?

causeways and files were some major achievements

What were Aztec's scientific achievements?

the Aztec calender

Name a few Aztec empire achievements?


What was the Aztec achievements?

making pottery and jewelry that is beautiful.

What are the achievements of the Aztec civilization?

the made me byatch they made me byatch

What were the some of the Aztec achievements?

They are known as the fist civilization to use the number zero, and they also invented chocolate. Hope that helps :)

What are some of the achievements of the Aztec Inca and Maya civilizations?

mayans created the calendar and invented the first form of soccer callled pok-a-tok

What are the Aztec empire's great achievements?

The Aztec Empire has many great achievements. One of their greatest was their skill in engineering. They were able to build roads, pyramids, houses, and bridges. They also has great success in agriculture and created floating gardens.

What were the Aztec achievements?

making pottery, jewelery, making their own launguage, and they conquered many tribes and build many pyramids and the aztec calender,also argiculture

What were some major Aztec buildings?

aztec temples

Compare and contrast the Aztec and Maya?

because they both built step pyramids and they both lived in hogans

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What are some similarities that Aztec religion had with Hinduism?

Wat r some similarities that aztec religion had with Hinduism

What are some Aztec vocabulary words?

chacua , it means sacrifice in the Aztec language

Who are some significant people in Aztec culture?

Aztec king - Montezuma - defeated by Cortez.

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What was the Aztecs achievements?

They conquered many tribes and build many pyramids and the Aztec calender, also agriculture expertise with the use of water canals.

What were some of the technological achievements of the Hittites?

Some of the technological achievements of the Hittites were iron weapons and superior chariots

What are some Aztec names?


What are some cultural contributions of the Aztec?

== ==

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