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Lee was an exemplary cadet at the US Military Academy, served as it Superintendent and as a Cavalry Officer in West Texas. He was offered the Command of all Union Forces at the opening of the Civil War but resigned to serve Virginia. He saw an won numerous battles, lost at the great battle at Gettysburg and surrendered his army at Appomattox. He became the President of Washington College and died on 12 October 1870. He had several children with Mary Anna Lee.

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What was Robert E. Lees background?

He was a Confederate general

What was Robert e lees role in the civil war?

He was the general for the Confederacy.

Who was Robert e lees horse?

The Confederate General, Robert E. Lee's horse's name was Traveler.

When did Robert James Lees die?

Robert James Lees died in 1931.

When was Robert James Lees born?

Robert James Lees was born in 1849.

When was Robert Lees born?

Robert Lees was born on 1912-07-10.

When did Robert Lees die?

Robert Lees died on 2004-06-13.

What was the date of Robert E. Lee's surrender?

April 12, 1865 was the date of General Robert E. Lees surrender to General Ulysses Grant.

When did Robert Lees - linguist - die?

Robert Lees - linguist - died in 1996.

When was Robert Lees - linguist - born?

Robert Lees - linguist - was born in 1922.

Was lees horse a quarter horse?

General Robert E. Lee's horse, Traveller, was an American Saddlebred.

Confederate who was Robert r lees right hand man?

General Thomas J (Stonewall) Jackson.

Who is Robert e lees senior corps commander at Gettysburg?

Major General James Longstreet, commander of the First Corps.

How old did Robert e lees horse traveler get?

Lees horse, Traveller had lived for several years after Lees death in 1870.

When was Robert E. Lees surrender at the Appomattox?

lees surrender was in rochester Hampton Paris

What Robert E. Lee's hobbies?

what are robert e lees hobbies

Who was Robert E Lees left-hand man?

Provided that General "Stonewall" Jackson was Lee's right-hand man, his left-hand man should had been J.E.B Stuart or General James Longstreet.

What was the name of general lees army?

Army of Northern Virginia.

What was Robert E. Lees army rank?

His rank was that of General, the highest rank attainable in the army of the Confederacy during the Civil War. He held the rank of Colonel in the United States Army before he resigned his commission.

Why do you think general George b mcclellan did nnot finish off general robert e lees troop when he had the change?

McClellan tended to be an overly cautious commander. Even when he had superior numbers, he always felt he needed more troops.

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