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The rise of Adolf Hitler is the sole responsibility of the German People. He rose to power with their blessing. The U.S. did not contribute to the rise of the Nazi party.

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Did united states fought with Hitler to defeat England?

No. The United States fought against Hitler to defeat Germany and the Nazis during WWII. England was an ally of the United States during the war.

What military did Hitler work with?

The United States of America

Which country's isolationist policy prevented it from endorsing the League of Nations?

United States

Why did Hitler hate the US?

Hitler considered the United States of America to be a mongrelized country, controlled by the Jews.

Which country's isolationist policy prevented it from becoming a member of the League of Nations?

the united states

What kind of bomb did Hitler use to bomb the United States?

Hitler did not manage to drop any bombs on the United States. Germany's planes could not travel the distances required to reach the USA.

What are Franklin D Roosevelt's mistakes according to Amity Shlaes?

FDR made no mistakes and should be recognized as the greatest president the United States has ever had.

The United States prevented an election in south Vietnam because?

A Communist would likely win.

What prevented the communist Chinese from invading Taiwan and defeating the nationalist?

the united states did not allow them to do so

What are the views of Hitler?

In Germany Hitler is viewed as a villain and any piece of literature or anything else that has to do with Hitler or the Nazi Party is considered illegal. In the United States Hitler isn't illegal to talk about or read about like in Germany, but it is looked down to follow his ideas upon due to the United States cultural diversity.

What countries did not Adolf Hitler conquer?

China and Chili. United States of America.

Who were the leaders of the united states in the civil war?

Osama Bin Laden Hitler

When Hitler talked about not waking the sleeping giant of which country was he referring?

United States

What did the alien act do?

The Alien Act prevented immigrants who aren't citizens (A.k.a Aliens) into the United States.

What prevented the Communist Chinese from invading Taiwan and completely defeating the Nationalists?

The United States did not allow them to do so.

Was Adolf Hitler an allied or axis?

Adolf Hitler was in the axis power because he fought against the united states and was not an ally to us.

Where did Hitler target?

Hitler targeted all of Europe, British Isles, Africa, Asia, and the United States for creating his view of the world.

What did Hitler Mussolini and the military leaders of japan do during the 1930s?

plained to destroy the United States,United Kinddom,and France.

What is American religion?

There is no national religion in the United States. This is prevented in the Bill of Rights. The founding fathers had lived in a nation that dictated the religion and made sure that it didn't happen within the United States.

What influence does Joseph Goebbels have on the United States of America?

Joseph goebbels change the United States of America in many helping Hitler become chancellor, he made Hitler more powerful and if Hitler hadnt been so powerful he wopuldnt have been able to convince people to kill the Jews and many others. He basically gave Hitler a voice.

Are there any remaining Adolf Hitler next of kin?

Hitler himself had no children. but the Hitler name does still live in the united states. although they have all denounced being related to him.

What was Hoovers role in the Great Depression?

he was very bad to the united states and also he was a little Hitler

How can vitamin D deficiency be prevented?

Food fortification has almost completely eliminated rickets in the United States. Vitamin D deficiency can be prevented by acquiring the RDA through drinking fortified milk

Who helped Hitler in the reconstruction of his country?

By the time that Germany began reconstruction (after WW 2) Hitler was dead. Germany was aided by the United States as part of the Marshall Plan. The US was one of the few nations not severely damaged by the war, and one of the most prosperous. The aid under the Marshall Plan prevented the starvation of a good part of the population of Europe.

Was Hitler presodent of the us at the beginning of world war 2?

No. Hitler was the leader of Germany during WW2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President of the United States.