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Q: What were some of Bill Clintons major accomplishments?
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What were some of Babe Ruth's major accomplishments?

Babe Ruth had many major accomplishments in his lifetime. One of his major accomplishments was becoming a major baseball star.

What are John Travolta's major accomplishments?

some of is major accomplishments are becoming an airline pilot

What is Alan Jackson's major accomplishments?

What Are Some Of Alan Jacksons Major accomplishments

What were some major accomplishments by James Madison?


What were some of bill gates accomplishments?

Microsoft software

What were some of George W Carver's major accomplishments?

one thing about george w carver's major accomplishments is that he invented peanuts.

What are some of Cameron Diaz's major accomplishments?


What are some major accomplishments of hypatia?

Astronomy & math.

What was some of homer a plessy major accomplishments?


What were some of Dr. Seuss major accomplishments?

He wrote major things

What were some major accomplishments of the early Egyptian civilization?

the invention of the wheel is the major of the all.

What are some of George Washington's major accomplishments?

he was the first president

What are some of Raphael's major accomplishments or contributions to the renaissance?


What were some of Cleopatras major accomplishments?

was the last pharoah of egypt

What were some of Coco Chanel's major accomplishments?

cool socks

What were some of euclids accomplishments?

His major accomplishment was in philosophy and mathematics

What are some of Stephen Harpers Major Accomplishments?

he saved the world

What are some major accomplishments did Benjamin Franklin do?

invented glasses ;)

What are some of Justin Bieber major accomplishments in life?


What were some of Montesquieu's major accomplishments?

some of the major accomplishment were the 4 nobl truths it was a big part of india.

What were some major accomplishments that Rihanna did?

When she singed and had some nominee award's ! Are so important .

What are some major accomplishments of Squanto?

he helped pilgrims he helped sakagiwea

What were some major accomplishments of alessandro volta?

that he accomplishment was he made a battery

What are some of Christopher Columbus major accomplishments?

a couple of his major accomplishments are HE FOUND AMERICA! and he discovered the world was round not flat no and actually he was not the first to discover America Amerigo Vespucci did!! :)

What are some of Johnny Depp's major accomplishments?

If you asked Mr. Depp he would probably say his two children are his greatest accomplishments.