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What were some of the Southern strategies in the Civil War?

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The South's strategy during the Civil War was to get Great Britian's support.

>The South's strategy was to use the great military leaders and commanders they had in order to defeat the North. With the North having multiple advantages, the South used their strongest factor: military training.

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How did succession of southern states help cause the civil war?

it helped the civil war by sparking the thoughts of war because of slaveryThe Civil War started when some of the Southern states seceded from the Union. So really the secession of the Southern states was the cause of the Civil War.

What were some names for the north and south during the civil war?

The name of American Civil War given by both the Southern and Northern are as below: Northern: War of the Rebellion, Southern: War for Southern Independence, War of Northern Aggression, Freedom War

Who was president for the southern government in the civil war?

There was no president of Southern Sudan during the civil war.

What were the strategies for the north and south in the civil war?

The war strategies of the North during the Civil War was The Anaconda Plan. While the South, on the other hand,attacked major northern cities.

What were three strategies used by the North to win the US Civil War?

The strategies employed by the North during the course of the US Civil War changed over the four years it lasted. With that said, three particular strategies were ongoing. These included taking control of the Mississippi River, blockading important Southern ports and capturing the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia.

How was the southern economy at the end of the civil war?

At the end of the civil war, the southern economy was very weak. Some did not have their slaves anymore so they had to rely on themselves. Some still had their slaves to pick their crops for them. The economy was slowly weakening after the civil war. It became an Industrial Economy

Where the confederates in the Civil War?

The Confederates were the Southern states in the Civil War.

Before civil war southern authorities?

Before the civil war all of the army's drunk some Ciroc and smoked some weed and fought C.buchanan

What were some strategies for the union in the civil war?

The Anaconda Plan. The point of it was to cut off supplies from the south.

What were some strategies the north could use to win the civil war?

They had the President, Mr. Lincoln, on their side.

What was the major crop of the southern colonies prior to the civil war?

major crop of the southern colonies prior to the civil war

What is another name for southern soldiers in the Civil War?

Another name for southern soldiers in the Civil War is "Johnny Rebs."

What is the war for southern indpendence?

The Civil War, or the War of the Rebellion

What happened to the southern economy as a result of civil war?

The American Civil War, widely known in the United States as simply the Civil War and established a naval blockade that crippled the southern economy.

What are some US Civil War nicknames?

The War Between the States, The War of the Rebellion, The War of the Secession, The War for Southern Independence, are the best examples.

Which states were in the south during the civil war?

There were 11 southern states during the Civil War. Some of the states were Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

What was the souths strategies for winning the civil war?

The South's strategy in the Civil War was to defeat the Union armies and prevent them from invading and occupying the Southern states. By defeating the Union armies, the South hoped to wear down the North's will to fight and force them to sue for peace.

What kind of Presidential Candidate in 1860 might have been able to prevent Civil War?

the Civil War was a result of the secession of southern states, a president southern sympathies may have prevented the Civil War

What is cottonocracy?

Literally, the definition is "ruled by cotton". this is referring to the southern states and the Civil War. Literally, the definition is "ruled by cotton". this is referring to the southern states and the Civil War. Literally, the definition is "ruled by cotton". this is referring to the southern states and the Civil War.

What are 4 names for the civil war?

Civil War War Between The States War of Southern Rebellion War of Northern Aggression

What is the Southern secession?

in the civil war when the southern states left the union

What was the setting of the American civil war?

The civil war mainly took place in southern states.

What were the North's strategies to win the US Civil War?

The strategies of the North was the Northern Strategy of Attrition, which led to its ultimate victory. By some it was called the Anaconda Plan. It involved blockading all the Southern ports and denying them the use of the Mississippi. This took a great deal of time to come to fruition, however, it was successful.

How did Southern slaves react to the Civil War?

Southern slaves fleed through the underground railroad into freedom in the North. Some reacted to the Civil War slaves fought on either side. On both sides they were still considered expendable.

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