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Military conscription.


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Mainly, people disagreed with the use of agent orange during the war because it has a bad effect on the health of those in South Vietnam at the time, as it highly increased the risk of cancer and other diseases. Many innocent civilians died because of it. People also disagreed with its usage because of it's harmful effects on the South Vietnamese Jungle, as it destroyed jungle foliage in order to help find Vietcong fighters.

During the "COLD WAR"; the Vietnam War was immoral to most people...who believed that war was "immoral" to begin with. Example: During WWII, which was a "clear case" of self defense (the Pearl Harbor Attack), people in the US still protested US involvement in that war. The "...reasons about the Vietnam War", would be the same; war is immoral, for those that choose to believe it. For many people there is NO JUSTIFICATION for war.

Not everyone who served during the era of the Vietnam War went to Vietnam. Some remained in cantonment. Some participated in other military actions during this era (e.g., the occupation of the Dominican Republic, etc.). Some were stationed in other countries in support of operations in Vietnam. "Vietnam-era veteran" refers to them.

Some "construction workers (hard hats)" made the news during the war, supporting the fighting men in Vietnam; some muscle was used during this support.

He did lot's of things but some reasons were he starved them or he just put them in work camps or just killed them

Much like the war today many countries disagreed that the U.S. should have entered into the Vietnam War. Some people believe it should have happened and some don't. It's strictly an individuals choice of what they want to believe. Personally, I don't believe that the U.S. should have entered the Vietnam War.

Some thought the war was 'unjust.' Some believed the North Vietnamese propaganda that the U.S. was the aggressor in the conflict. Some simply didn't want to put their life on the line in the military at war.

During the Vietnam War . Australia attitude towards Asia was cool one aas some countries sided with Vietnam, including Russia and India.

The primary objective of the United States was to prevent South Vietnam from falling to the communist north.

They disagreed because they were not free and did not agree with there rules. This is why they disagreed with the leaders of Massachusetts. <3333

The Australians deployed Infantry, Artillery, some aviation assets, and a full squadron of Centurion battle tanks to Vietnam.

Vietnam veterans, Hippies, and some politicians.

during the Vietnam era 1963-1975 some time around there

Two reasons: 1. The experience was to horrible for them. 2. They didn't do anything there to talk about.

Gautama Buddha's teachings challenged Hinduism by not acknowledging a hereditary priesthood. He disagreed with some of the sacrificial rituals which were performed during his time.

It is best to tread careful with this question. Keep it light. Maybe you disagreed on the best way to accomplish a project but you deferred to your boss. Or, maybe you disagreed on where to hold the company Christmas party.

NO- the actual War occurred after he left office. He did send some military advisers to Vietnam and started the idea of US involvement there.

For reasons unknown, even though North Vietnam and the Soviet Union and Red China stated they were communists, and stated their intent on taking over the Free Republic of South Vietnam, SOME US citizens still believed the war in Vietnam to be a CIVIL WAR, in which communism was not an issue. Another perspective from US citizens, was that the communists were trying to take over South Vietnam, and had to be stopped.

Some went in to fight communism, others were drafted and had no choice. Most were drafted by 1968.

Its during the Vietnam War so some where in between 1959 and 1974

Some of the reasons for the decline of Sumer include the reduction of agricultural production. There was a population decline during this time, weakening the power of the Sumerians.

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