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he used the "tools" non-violence and non-cooperation.

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What techniques did Gandhi use in protesting against the British?

Gandhi used non-violent civil disobedience against the British. For example, refusing to pay them taxes; refusing to physically fight them; speaking out against them at rallys; etc; etc.

What strategies did Gandhi use against the British?

Gandhi used non-violent civil disobedience against the British.

How did Gandhi fight against prejudice?

he used non-violence

How did Gandhi fight prejudice?

he used speeches and campaigns and stuff

How did Mohandas Gandhi rebel against the British in India?

Gandhi used non-violent tactics of disobedience so that the British was lossing money instead of gaining profit.

What were Mohandes Gandhi's methods of protest?

Truth and nonviolent protest were the methods used by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi). He used the law to fight injustices.

How did gandhi achieve independence for India?

He ran various movements to mobilize people against British rule.He accepted the proposal of British to send Indian soldiers to fight in World Wars if the promise to free them.He supported non-violence and used it effectively against British.

What methods did Gandhi use against British?

he used satyagraha (truth) and ahimsa (non-violence) to oppose the british

What did Gandhi do to fight?

Ghandi used a non violent technique known as civil disobedience.

Why did Gandhi starve himself?

He was protesting against the tyranny of the British supremacists.He fasted. he used this tactic instead of violence. The British were scared that Gandhi would die in their hands, so theybacked off

What type of propaganda did Mohandas Gandhi use?

Gandhi used peaceful tactics such as non violence, and non cooperation against the British Raj. He also used peaceful resistance.

How did Mahatma Gandhi use the media to win India's independence?

He won the independence because he embarrassed and show how bad the British are. -Sean H. Gandhi used the media to embarrass and frustrate the british. He used it to let the world know what was going on in India and how they could help by increasing the British embarrassment.

How has Gandhi's work influenced others?

Gandhi influenced martin Luther king jr. . Martin Luther King jr. used nonviolence, honesty, and trust to fight for the rights of black people and gandhi used nonviolence, honesty, and trust to fight for India's independance

What methods did Indians under Gandhi use to resist British rule?

he used passive resistance

What strategy does Gandhi use?

he used non violent tactics to combat the evil and tyranical british

How did mohanads Gandhi encourage the Indian people to resist British imperialism?

he used civil dissobedience

What does the concept of ahinsa means?

The concept of ahinsa was introduced by M K Gandhi during the British rule in India. This concept, meant non - violence. Gandhi used to teach his followers that they should fight with the Britishers in a non - violent manner. Thus the concept of non violence or Ahinsa emerged.

Was Mohandas Gandhi using civil obedience or civil disobedience?

Gandhi used non-violent civil disobedience as a tool against British colonialism in India.

Who was the leader of the hessians?

The leader of the Hessian's were the British the were used as slaves and had no choice but to fight for the British

What event did Gandhi use to show the world British injustice?

Gandhi used his Salt March to show the world the injustices of the British. In order to protest a salt tax, he marched several hundred miles and was joined by thousands.

What did Mohandas Gandhi do about racism?

Mahatma Gandhi would fast after witnessing racism. He used peaceful resistance and non-violence during his struggle against the British Raj.

How did Mohandas Gandhi help achieve India's independence from Great Britain?

Mohandas Gandhi helped achieve India's independence from Great Britain because Gandhi used non-violence to beat the mighty british rulers.

What Indian civil rights leader successfully used nonviolence to remove British colonialism?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

What did the British first used Jamaica for?

The based from which to fight the Spaniards at sea

The British used their new defensive tool to fight Germany?