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Religion was deeply woven into Egyption culture. Like the people of Mestmotamia,, the Ancient Egyptians worshiped many dieties (DEE~uh~teez), or gods and godesses. The Egyptians beleived these dieties controlled the forces of nature and human activities. The main Egyptian god was the sun god Re or also Ri. This was probaby because of Egypt's hot, sunny climate and the importance of the sun for good harvests. Another major gos was Hapi (HAH~pee), who ruled the Nile River . the most important goddies was Isis (EYE~suhs). She represented the loyal wife and mother, and she ruled over the dead with her husband Osiris (oh~SY~ruhs). -Written By Celeste, 9/24/13, 12 years-old. GO BUCCS!

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Q: What were the Egyptians religious beleifes?
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