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'Wolf packs' was the name given to groups of German U-boats (submarines) during WWII.

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Q: What were the German Wolf Packs in World War 2?
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Were Wolf packs a new source of munitions introduced during World War 2?

Wolf packs were a strategy German U-boats used to attack allied shipping

What are wolf packs in World war 1I?

German U-boats (submarines) that preyed on allied shipping in the Atlantic Ocean.

How many ships travel in a German wolf pack in World War 2?

There were no surface ships in a U-boat wolf pack. (The submarines, like American subs, were called, "Boats".) The smallest wolf packs were 2 to 4 submarines, while the largest wolf packs could contain up to 20 submarines. The size of the wolf packs always depended on what their commander, Karl Doenitz wanted them to do.

What attacks occured to US ships in World War 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. There were other attacks by German submarines that would come in 'wolf packs.'

What were the main German naval errors during World War 2?

Their surface fleet was bottled up in port for much of the war, and their submarine wolf packs effectiveness was crippled by the breaking of the Enigma Code.

Who was involved in the wolf pack of world war 2?

German submarines

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What nation is related to the wolf pack military strategy?

The "wolf pack" was a strategic grouping of German submarines (U-boats) during World War II, whereby more than one German sub might attack the same Allied convoy crossing the Atlantic.

What was the German airforce called in World War 2?

The German airforce was called the Luftwaffe in World War 2.

What were the German War Aims in World War Two?

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ask a german

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