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They were called V-2 Rockets.

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Q: What were the German rockets developed during World War 2?
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Why were modern rockets first developed?

weapons to be used by the Germans during world war 2

Who developed mustard gas?

German scientist during World War 1

What were the V-1 and V-2?

German rockets directed at Southern England during World War 2.

What were the technological advancements used or developed during World War 2?

radar, atomic bomb, jet airplane, rockets

What did Newcastle have to do during World War 2?

Newcastle was an industrial center, and as a result was bombed by the German Air Force and V1 rockets.

Where were rockets first developed?

Rockets were first developed and used in China. By the 19th century, most European military powers had rockets available, although they were neither reliable nor accurate. Rockets, as we understand them today, were developed in the United States by Robert Goddard in the early 20th century. He received no government funding or recognition. They were developed in their modern military form in Germany during the second world war, building on Robert Goddard work as recorded in US Patents, which were and are publicly available documents. Subsequent advances were made initially by German scientists who moved to the US and USSR after WWII, then by government programs in the US, USSR and other countries. .

What did Germany invented during World War 2?

rockets and jets

What significant advances in rocketry were made in World War 2?

The Germans developed the V1 and V2 rockets.

When were tanks first developed?

During World War I.

Is Germany a developed or developing country?

The German economy is one of the most highly developed in the world.

When was penicillian developed?

During world world war I

Was Apollo 11 the first rocket to launch space?

No there were many rockets launched into space before the Apollo program.The first rockets that went into space were German made V2 rockets from the Second World War.

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