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greek clothes were made out of cloth

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What is the Greek word for clothes?

clothes : ρούχα (ruha)

What type of clothes do Greek people wear?

clothes dummy

What are Ancient Greek temples called?

Did greek had any clothes

What do greek people wear?

Greek people wear a wide variety of clothes. Some of these include traditional, conservative clothes, high fashion, as well as sporty clothes.

What are clothes in Africa made of and how are they made of?

what are Zambia's clothes made of

How did ancient Greek clothes influence Greek clothes today?

I am not 1OO% sure but they were probably influenced by clothes that we have today. They wear normal clothing now these days... Sorry this might of not helped. :(

Where were clothes made in the 1750?

clothes were made at home.

What where the the emperors new clothes made of?

In the emperors new clothes the clothes were made out of nothing.:) :) :) :)

Why are people made to wear clothes?

Ah, it wasn't us that were made to wear clothes, it was the clothes that were made to be worn.

How do you say clothes in greek?

Its ρούχα (rucha).

What was ancient Greek clothing called?

Most of the ancient Greek clothing was made of cloth. The Peplos which was worn by females which was a large square piece of clothes. The Chiton which was worn by both male and female. The Himation was made for both male and female this item of clothes was almost like a cloak. The Chlamys was traditionally worn by men and soldiers.

What are your clothes made of?

My Clothes are made of cotton, polyester and denim

What are baby clothes made from?

the same thing your clothes are made out of.

Where are bebe clothes made?

buy bebe clothes made

Why were the ancient greek athletes without clothes?

because they didn't want their clothes to interfere with their performance

How was a clothes peg made?

A clothes peg was made by wood and then carved.

What are medieval knights clothes made out of?

there clothes are made out of iron. by roxey

How were clothes made right after the industrial revolution?

clothes were made by machines

Where did the greek gods and goddesses get there clothes?

at Wal Mart

What do Greek women wear nowadays?

Clothes, baby! ;)

What clothes did Greek god and goddesses wear?


What did poor greek people wear?

Chav clothes

What the Greek slaves used to wear?

they wore clothes

What are arctic explorers clothes made of?

Arctic explorers clothes are made out of thermals. That is made out of cotton.

Where are American eagle clothes made?

Where are American Eagle clothes made? What country? Where?

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