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The Maya built a lot of pyramids and tall temples. They even knew how to make rubber in the 1500's! The Mayans were skilled road builders. They were able to create one of the most advanced road systems of their time.

Mayans were also one of the first civilizations to develop a writing system called codex. They used their codex to record information in books made from the bark of fig trees. They developed a mathematical system based on the number 20. They were among the first people to use the number zero.

They were able to build a solar, and religious calendar.

They created terrace farming and Quechua.
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It is important when you answer this question to be thorough, andto be sure to include anything and everything you've done thatcould be relevant to that particular job. Be sure not to sellyourself short and be proud of all you've done. Be sure NOT to lie about things you've done to sound better.

Who were the Mayas?

The Mayas are the people who lived a long time ago and they had to build their own houses out of clay.. The Mayas were an ancient civilization that were very smart and lived near what is now called the Gulf of Mexico at around 900 b.c. and started disappearing and no one knows why. the Mayas were I ( Full Answer )

What were the Maya achievements in math and science?

One of the Mayans achievements for math was using dots and bars. Using dots and bars for the Mayans is like using numbers for us. You could either take away or add the dots or bars. Bars represented the number five. The dots were either 1 2 3 4 and was added or subtracted by the dots or bars

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What did the Mayas wear?

rags,animal fur, animal fur skirts,bras,shirts and jackets shoes made out of like kinda old bags with a lace or made out of the hard piece of the animal fur

What did the Mayas invent?

clock calander . the number 0 . tools to help them carve into the walls . a languege .

What did the Maya eat?

well first at all the mayans were known as the "people of corn" meaning that most of their food was based in the corn but they also cossumed other vegetables and were hunters and eat fish too . between the vegetable which they used to eat were the berry , the mango , the bananna , the sweet potat ( Full Answer )

What was the location of the Mayas?

Through much of the Central American region, which includes Guatemala, Belize, Northern El Salvador and Honduras. Some archaeological finds belonging the Maya have even been found in southern mexico.

What happened to the Mayas?

Nobody actually know what happened to the Maya, all we know is...snap...their gone. There are some pretty weird theories. One is that the Mayans were taken by a UFO. That has about a 1 in a million chance that that happened. But there is no evidence against it so it could have happened. Also, the Ma ( Full Answer )

What were the main achievements of the Maya?

Mayan civilization produced the only known written language of theNew World prior to contact with Europeans. It was also famous forits calendars and architecture.

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\nBig question!!!!\n. \nI would say, to grow in life, but in 100 years from now all of us are going to be death, so what's the point?\n. \nThen maybe, grow spiritually? But unless you believe in something like reincarnation or resurrection and that involves preserving your memories and past experi ( Full Answer )

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An achievement is a goal which has been achieved by someone in aparticular exercise, an accomplishment, or a successfulperformance.

What are his achievements?

he led a revelution in cuba and overthrew the goverment!!!! . he is allso a stylized icon and many peoples icon!!!!

What did the Maya were?

They wore extremely bright clothing to express themselves. You could consider the colors they wore as Neon colors. Neon means bright. and it's wear not were.

What is an achievement of the Maya?

There were TONS of achievements of the Maya. . First off they made a calendar that lasted thousands of years . They built structures that held for hundreds of years. . They could predict the light, when it would happen, and built structures off of that. . They made AMAZING art . They could do ( Full Answer )

Where were the Mayas?

Usually the Mayans are thought of as living in the Central Americas around the Yucatan Peninsula.

What were the Arts Achievements of the Mayas?

The maya produced exceptional architecture ,painting ,pottery,andsculpture.They were highly skilled architects and built impressive,tall pyramids of limestone with small temples on the top.Paintings were done on walls with bright colours and featuredwarriors in battle as well as religous festivals a ( Full Answer )

What was Maya Angelou 's achievements?

1.stll i rise 2.my painted house,my friendly chicken,and me 3.halleujah;the welcome table 4.amazing peace\a christmas poem 4.all gods children need traveling shoes

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What were the Maya Aztecs and Incas achievements?

In the history of the Americas many achievements have been made. Most of these achievements had come from the Maya, Inca, and Aztec Empires. Each civilization was greatly advanced in the topics agriculture, writing, and engineering and astronomy. Astronomy was one of the greatest achievements of the ( Full Answer )

Was there a Maya queen named Maya?

Mayan rulers were not typically female. Here's a good link to anarticle about the few women rulers who are known - none of them isnamed Maya, though.

What were some major achievements of the Maya?

Bien lo que mi bisabuela de guetamala me dijo fue que nuestros antepasados fueron los mayas, fueron realmente corto personas que trincadas juntas de jefes y rompió delante de las narices que constantemente lo que hay algo que ellos realizado, que también estaban atados a perlas hay cabello a f ( Full Answer )

What are the Mayas achievements?

The Maya built a lot of pyramids and tall temples. They even knew how to make rubber in the 1500's! The Mayans were skilled road builders. They were able to create one of the most advanced road systems of their time. Not only that, they had the first system of writing and had 2 calend ( Full Answer )

How did the Mayas talk?

The mother was the worse out of the whole family. They all had that southern drawl and they would often use the word aint. They had very poor grammar and could be labeled as ghetto or unintelligent .

What is about Maya?

Maya were a meso-american civilization. Some folk today prefer to believe in the same mysticism's as did less educated peoples. And they believe a lot more than they actually understand. An old Maya calendar will run out of cycles in the next year or so, and some folk interpret this as literally t ( Full Answer )

What did Maya women do?

Mayan women took care of the children and did house hold chores, such as cooking and washing

Who is Maya Diab?

Maya diab is a lebanse singer and she is in an group called four cats Maya is the host of Heik Menghanni on MTV Lebanon

What advances did the Maya achieve in record keeping?

The Maya developed a mathematical system based on the number 20 and they were the first people to use zero. By using their math system, the Maya made great advances in astronomy. The Maya also produced a very accurate calendar system.

What are three achievements of ancient Maya?

people go to the book dont expect me to give u people the answer.i know u are lazy just grab the book and read Well Actually to answer your Question Its: The Maya built a lot of pyramids and tall temples. They even knew how to make rubber in the 1500's! The Mayans were ski ( Full Answer )

What were some accomplishments Maya Angelou achieved?

Hope this helps!! Here are some achievements achieves by Maya Angelou: Chubb Fellowship Award, Yale University, 1970. Pulitzer Prize Nomination, Just Give Me A Cool Drink of Water 'Fore I Die, 1972 Tony Award Nomination, Look Away, 1973. Distinguished Visiting Professor, Wichita S ( Full Answer )

How did the Maya get there?

the Mayan people lived in Yucatan (Mexico), guatemala and belize. they still do. how did they get there? they came from asia, the ice age made it possible to walk from asia to america. from there they went south. discoveries of Maya occupation at cuello (belize) have been carbon dated to around 2600 ( Full Answer )

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MAYA is a 3D creation/rendering software program, used to designand render 3D graphics/videos. It is the most widely used software in the gaming and animationindustry.

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Please tell us who's achievements and then we will try and find out the answer for you.

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As a noun, an achieving is an obsolete term for an achievement -something which has been accomplished by someone.

What were some of the significant achievements of the Olympic how did they influence the Maya?

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