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the northerners wanted to drink coffee and drink tea and the southerns wanted to eat cookies and drink milk :D

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What were the Northern and Southern positions on outlawing the slave trade?


When did Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention happen?

Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention happened on 1975-05-01.

What was the agreement reached between Northern and Southern states during the Constitutional Convention?

The three fifths compromise was the agreement reached between Northern and Southern states during the Constitutional Convention.

Why did the northern states and the southern split over at the constitutional convention?

The northern and the southern states split over the lack of protections for slavery in the south at the Constitutional Convention. The convention took place from May 25 to September 17, 1787.

What were the Northern and Southern positions in the Constitutional Convention on outlawing slave trade and how was it resolved?

this is off my book so... northerners agreed that congress could not outlaw the slave trade for at least 20 years. after that, congress could regulate the slave trade if it wished. northerners also agreed that no state could stop a fugitive slave from being returned to and owner who claimed that slave.

How was the disagreement of northern and southern positions on outlawing slave trade resolved?

To wait 20 years and let congress and other people decide then

What has the author Ernest Baird written?

Ernest Baird has written: 'The Northern Ireland Convention' -- subject(s): Great Britain, Great Britain. Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention

Between northern and southern states during the constitutional convention of 1787 concerned?

counting the slaves in a state

One of the compromises made between northern and southern states during the constitutional convention of 1787 concerned?

counting slaves in the population

What did At the Constitutional Convention delegates from northern and southern states disagreed about?

D. whether the federal government should have the power to regulate slavery.

A key issue of disagreement between the northern and southern states at the Constitutional Convention was?

Counting slaves as part of the population and slave trade regulations.

Which issue debated at the Constitutional Convention contributed MOST to the conflict between northern and southern states in the years leading up to Civil War?

the Three-Fifths Compromise

What is the National Constitutional Convention?

A constitutional convention is now a gathering for the purpose of writing a new constitution or revising an existing constitution. A general constitutional convention is called to create the first constitution of a political unit or to entirely replace an existing constitution. An unlimited constitutional convention is called to revise an existing constitution to the extent that it deems to be proper, whereas a limited constitutional convention is restricted to revising only the areas of the current constitution named in the convention's call, the legal mandate establishing the convention. Examples of constitutional conventions include:United States: Annapolis Convention (1786), which proposed what became the Philadelphia Convention (1787) -- Drafted the United States Constitution for ratification by the states. Article V of the constitution sets forth a mechanism whereby future constitutional conventions can be held. The constitution has been amended several times since the Philadelphia Convention, but never (as of 2011) by this method.France: The National Convention of 1792 (commonly referred to as The Convention) convened during The French Revolution on September 20 with the purpose of writing a Republican Constitution following the suspension of the French Monarchy. The monarchy was officially abolished on September 21 by The Convention.Missouri Constitutional Convention (1861-63), established Missouri's provisional government during the American Civil WarCanada: (1864), Quebec Conference, 1864, and London Conference of 1866.Australian constitutional conventions -- 1891, 1897, 1973 and 1998.Germany: ParlamentRat (Parliamentary Council) (1948) -- Drafted the Basic Law of the Federal Republic for ratification by the londonNorthern Ireland Constitutional Convention (1975--1976) -- a failed attempt to find a solution to the status of Northern Ireland.Scottish Constitutional Convention (1989) -- produced a plan for Scottish devolution.European Convention (2001) -- Drafted the Constitution for Europe for approval by the European Council and ratification by the member states.Philippine Constitutional Convention 1935 -- to draft a constitution to create the autonomous Commonwealth of the Philippines under the U.S. Act. The constitution was also used in the 3rd Republic (1946) until the passage of the 1973 constitution. Members were elected through the Philippine Constitutional Convention election, 19341971 -- to draft a revised constitution to replace the old U.S. customed 1935 Philippine constitution. Members were elected through the Philippine Constitutional Convention election, 1970. The system of government changed from Presidentitial to Parliamentary to Presidentital-Parliamentary (in 1984 amendment). The constitution lasted until the downfall of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 and Corazon Aquino appointed members to draft the 1987 Constitution through a Constitutional Commission.

What were the disagreements between Northern and Southern states at the Constitutional Convention?

slavery is one, because the north didnt like the south having slaves, and the south liked having slaves... does that answer your question? at least partially?

Why were the states upset with the constitutional covention?

The colonies were not upset with the Constitutional Convention. That said, they had to hammer out issues of states' rights versus the rights of the new central government, which meant taking into account the interests of various economies. The economies of the northern colonies were based more on industry and those of the sourhtern colonies on agriculture.

What system of government is present Ireland?

Ireland is divided into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is a constitutional parliamentary republic. Northern Ireland is a constitutional monarchy that practices consociationalism.

In what positions are Earth and the sun on the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere?

The Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun.

What fraction of the slaves in a state were included when determining represantation in congress?

The Three-Fifths Compromise was a compromise reached between delegates from southern states and those from northern states during the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention. The debate was over if, and if so, how, slaves would be counted when determining a state's total population for constitutional purposes.

How do you know US is in the northern hemisphere?

That is the convention adopted. North of the equator is the Northern hemisphere, North America is north of the Equator.

Why is it snowing more in the northern hemisphere than the south?

Because the northern hemisphere has cooler places and it involves positions with the atmosphere.

Describe at least two disagreements between Northern and Southern states at the convention?

The northern and southern states had two major disagreements at the convention. The North disagreed with the use of slaves, and the South disagreed how people were elected to office.

How did the post - war era french revolution and the constitutional convention reveal and foreshadow the existence and growth of sectional and class differences in the US?

The existence and growth of sectional and class differences in the United States were in fact revealed and also 'foreshadowed' in various ways by events after the (American rather than French) Revolutionary War in the 1780s. The 1787 Constitutional Convention, for instance, highlighted yet again the increasing difference between Southern mindsets and Northern, with 'class' distinctions showing up as significant between convention-delegates as well as within the home-regions of those same delegates.

What influenced the most the northern and southern positions about slavery?

The economic effect of slavery - Apex

Is Great Britain still a constitutional monarchy?

Great Britain is a geographical term. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is a constitutional monarchy.

What did the northern and southern states agree on the slave trade?

During the Constitutional Convention the issue of slavery came to be a point of discussion. The Southern states which had slaves fought off attempts to abolish slavery. A compromise was made. It was agreed that the slave trade would end in twenty years.