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What were the achievements of the American Revolution?


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October 05, 2009 8:44AM

The American revolutionary war's achievements were complete independence of the United States from their British mothercountry, as had been declared in the 1776 Declaration of Independence, and the beginning of a very new form of government that was to be a leading example for the rest of Europe in the period to follow. The ideological achievements of the revolution were a major factor in instigating such events as the French Revolution within years afterward, spreading the ideas of liberty, sovereingty of the people and constitutional government. Through the success of the Americans in defeating a much larger and experienced army and designing a new ruling structure, the ideas of the 17th century philosophers were brought to life: The notions they spread regarding a society governed by reason and the responsibilty of a government to govern only by the consent of the people in its control were not just ideas but a potential reality for all European countries.