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WW1 (1914-1918) was mankind's FIRST aerial war; airplanes fought airplanes (dog-fights). Korean War (1950-1953) was man's FIRST "Jet" air war; jet airplanes fought jet airplanes (dog-fights). WW1 & Korean War were the only wars of the 20th century ended by an Armistice.

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Q: What were the air powers contribution to the Korean War?
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How many American Warships were captured By the North Koreans during the Korean War?

None, most of the fighting in the Korean War was on land or in the air.

What was the first war the US air force won?

The Korean War was the first war fought by the USAF.

What did neil Armstrong do after the Korean war?

After the Korean war he was a Air Force pilot , and then came to work for N.a.s.A as a astronaut. He was chosen in the second batch of Astronauts.

What is FEAF in the Korean War?

possibly 'far east air force' ???

What integrationhad on U S troops during Korean War?

The Korean War was the first officially intregated US war. It was also the newly formed US Air Force's FIRST war.

What was the US navy's contribution to war?

air,sea,and ground suppourt

When was Korean Air created?

Korean Air was created in 1962.

What disadvantages did North Korea during the Korean War?

Lack of sufficent air power.

What are Royal Canadian Air Force's contribution to World War 2?

kamakazi planes

What was Canada's contribution in the air during World War 2?

I do not know but I do know that they contributede a large air force for WW2.

What was warfare like during the Korean War?

Warfare in the Korean war was varied by each side. Sometimes, Guerilla Warfare was needed and other times Air Warfare was used. Air Warfare was the worst because they used them to drop many bombs.

Who was the air force started by?

In WWII the US Army Air Force and the US Naval Air Forces fought the war. In 1947 President Truman created the US Air Force. The Korean War was the FIRST war fought by the United States Air Force.

When was the name US Army Air Corps discontinued?

President Truman brought the US Air Force into existence in 1947. The Korean War was the FIRST war fought by the US Air Force.

What country does Korean Air belong to?

Korean Air belongs to South Korea. Korean Air was founded by the South Korean government. The national flag carrier of South Korea is on its tail.

Was any new technology developed during the Korean War?

no just in the air force faster planes,

What did Willie Nelson do in the air force?

According to "Korean War Stories" on PBS (available on Netflix), he was a musician.

How many Air Force Medal of Honor winner were there in the Korean War?

There were four. All were Killed in Action.

Were there any weapons involved in the Korean war?

Yes, from small arms to heavy artillery and the Air Force

What are the similarities between the Vietnam War and World War I?

The Korean War is similiar to WW1. Both Korea & WW1 were the FIRST air wars (air to air combat/dog-fighting). WW1 with cloth covered bi-planes; Korea with jet aircraft. Both WW1 & Korean War were intense bloody fighting at close range all in one region, sometimes trench type warfare; back and forth battles. Both WW1 & Korean War were ended by an Armistice. Both WW1 & Korean War are overshadowed by WW2 & Vietnam War. The Vietnam War & WW2 are very similiar: Both created new branches of combat arms for the US Army; AIRBORNE Infantry for WW2 & AIRMOBILE Infantry for Vietnam. WW2 and the Vietnam War were highly mobile wars. Aerial combat (air to air combat/dog-fighting) was for WW2: "Refined" from WW1 & Vietnam's aerial combat was "refined" from the Korean War. Both wars ended in complete victory; allies won WW2, communists won the Vietnam War.

What was the impact of airplanes on the Korean war?

As in all wars since 1914 air power is the main controlling factor. It was the UN control of the air, (mainly US), which made it impossible for the Chinese and North Korean armies to have air support. If your enemy has air support and you don't, then you are not going to win.

When was Korean People's Air Force created?

Korean People's Air Force was created in 1947.

How many bombs were aboard Korean flight 858?

None, it was shot down by a Soviet fighter with an air-to-air missile; the Korean Air flight had accidently wondered into Soviet airspace and the Soviets were convinced that it was for spying purposes, as the accident occured during the Cold War

What war did Morgan Freeman serve in?

Mr. Freeman served with the U.S. Air Force, 1955-1959. This was the period between the Korean War and Vietnam.

What was Lyndon Johnsons contribution to the Vietnam war?

Johnson sent US Regulars & commenced the air war against the North (Operation Rolling Thunder).

What technology did they have in the Vietnam war?

The air war over North Vietnam brought the most technology to the super-powers. From gatling guns to air to air missiles; from SAMs to Wild Weasels (SAM killers).